Haven Achievements Guide and Roadmap

Welcome to our Haven Achievements Guide and Roadmap guide. All the achievements or trophies and how to unlock them. Tips, areas and tutorials.

Haven Achievements Guide and Roadmap

Haven Achievements Guide and Roadmap Full List

  • Balding bloot! – Story Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Like new! – Story Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Second thoughts – Story Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Don’t look back – Story Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Flower Powered – Epilogue Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Hug therapy – While one or both characters low life, stop moving
  • Lovebirds – Glide without turning, they will hold their hands, wait 10 seconds
  • Head in the clouds – Idle in the grass were there are birds
  • An eye for an eye – Throw your partner and miss on purpose (requires: unlock throw your partner action)
  • Life’s short, ride long – jump from a high place (requires to unlock the backflip)
  • Ain’t no mountain high enough – Find the thread of flow near the entrance north of Benadon
  • Over my dead body – Shield with the same character in a fight until the shield runs out
  • Last minute – When a character is KO you can choose the action to assist him, just do that fully loaded
  • Perfect timing – Do a combined attack max charged with Yu and Kay
  • Strike! – use an omni-impact or an omni-blast capsule depending on the enemies
  • Shake the rust off their feet – Knock out five creatures (capsules) then pacify them
  • Unstoppable – If you undergo a real KO, you can still exit to main menu and reload
  • Thar she blows – Defeat Beruberu (will appear after 24 mins without coming back to the nest)
  • Back to rust – Beat Lorudo (islets like Lonarow, Wakiri or Loname)
  • My little pony – Beat Heliga (islets like Nekame)
  • Mooning the moon – Beach in Chogeko islet at night > interact with the sunbath option in the sand
  • Can’t get wetter… – Nekarow > interact with each waterfall (there are two) once
  • Pearls before Birble – Give some creamery fondue to Birble > climb on it
  • In my shoes – Interact with Oink until the scene (Yu & Kay eating mushrooms in the nest)
  • Heartstrings – Tutorial Below
  • Strip-a-bobble – Just have launch in the nest until this scene (random event)
  • A love supreme – Eating and talking are the best way to tie bounds between characters
  • Self-sustainability – Collect x3 seeds of each plant (18 seeds), go back to the nest
  • À la carte – Eat all the dishes (15 from the nest and 6 from the campfire)
  • Spring cleaning – If the rust comes back (Wakitai & Wakiri), clean them once and don’t come back

Achievements & Roadmap Tutorials

Heartstrings Achievement

  1. Find a shell on the beach in Chogeko: plunge in the water from the top pic > then explore the cave
  2. Kay will make a guitar (you may need multiple shells, it is random)
  3. Wait until your next campfire night

Achievements Video Guide

A video guide with the achievements: Hug Therapy / Love Birds / Life’s short, ride long / An eye for an eye:

Click to watch on Youtube

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