Unagi Locations in Genshin Impact

Unearth Unagi in Genshin Impact post V2.1! Locate them in Inazuma and Sumeru deserts using our guide for precise Unagi locations in the game!

Unagi Meat is a Cooking Ingredient unique to Inazuma at Genshin Impact. So, how will you find Unagi at Genshin Impact? Thanks to our Unagi Locations in Genshin Impact guide, you will find the unagi locations you need in the game!

Unagi Locations in Genshin Impact

This Unagi Locations in Genshin Impact guide focuses on pinpointing the locations of Unagi, a task essential for Day 6 of the Graph Adversarial Technology Experimental Log event, which revolves around capturing images of “Legless Wild Non-Fish Creatures,” a perfect description of the Unagi.

Unagi Meat is a Cooking Ingredient unique to Inazuma in Genshin Impact. Unagi is a rare aquatic creature that inhabits various regions of Genshin Impact, specifically in the Inazuma islands and the deserts of Sumeru. These creatures are a vital source of Eel meat, an essential ingredient in various recipes found throughout Teyvat. Since their introduction in the v2.1 update, Unagi can be exclusively discovered on the islands of Inazuma and the desert regions of Sumeru.

Types of Unagi

There are four different types of unagi in Genshin Impact; Adored Unagi, Deep Sea Unagi, Red-Finned Unagi and Quicksand Unagi.

With the exception of the Quicksand Unagi, nearly all Unagi types can be found within the islands of Inazuma, particularly in the Watatsumi Islands. The Red-Finned Unagi is exclusive to this region, with additional sightings in Narukami, Kannazuka, and Tsurumi.

The map provided below offers precise locations of Unagi within Watatsumi Island.

Unagi Locations Genshin

For Quicksand Unagi, introduced in the 3.0 update, search the desert regions of Sumeru, including the Land of Upper Setekh, Hypostyle Desert, and the Desert of Hadramaveth.

Unagi Locations Genshin

Gathering Unagi for Day 6

While only ten Unagi reels are needed for Day 6, keeping track of every Eel in Teyvat is crucial due to its usage in recipes such as Grilled Unagi Fillet, Shimi Chazuke, and Unagi Chazuke.

Tips for Efficient Unagi Farming

When farming Unagi or capturing images, consider including characters like Sayu, Kirara, or Yaoyao in your team. These characters can immobilize the Eels, compelling them to conceal themselves in the ground. Additionally, Yamashiro Kenta, a vendor in Ritou, sells Unagi Meat for 240 Mora.

Unagi Locations Genshin

To start your farming journey, teleport to the point north of Sangonomiya Shrine and head west along the coast. Here, you’ll discover six Red-Finned Unagi and three Adorned Unagi.

Unagi Locations Genshin

Next, teleport to the point east of Bourou Village and explore the scattered islands to find seven Red-Finned Unagi and four Adorned Unagi.

Unagi Locations Genshin

Finally, teleport to the point northeast of the previous location and head directly into the water upon spawning to locate four Adorned Unagi beneath the surface.

How to Use Unagi Meat

Output ItemAmount Needed
Grilled Unagi Fillet Unagi Meat ×3 Sugar ×1
Shimi Chazuke Unagi Meat ×4 Rice ×3 Seagrass ×3 Salt ×1
Unagi Chazuke Unagi Meat ×4 Rice ×3 Seagrass ×3 Salt ×1
How to Use Unagi Meat

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