FlipWitch – Walkthrough, Quests & Achievements

Unlock answers in the detailed FlipWitch Walkthrough. Step-by-step quest instructions and achievement tips await in Forbidden Sex.

With this detailed FlipWitch walkthrough, you can find answers to all your questions. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for completing most of the quests in the game. Additionally, we’ve covered all the achievements in FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex and explained how to obtain them. Search and discover what you need! We look forward to your positive or negative feedback.

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FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex Walkthrough & Achievements

Achievements, in general, aren’t too difficult in the game, but I still wanted to explain how to get them. If there are mistakes here (and there probably are), point them out to me. I won’t refuse help. Plans to implement:

  • A human-readable map… I don’t know how to spill game knowledge onto canvas without it looking cringe-worthy.
  • Quest section
  • Gallery section

I’ll start implementing plans after the developers rework the map (as I understand, they’ll add character icons, which I need for a proper map and quests).

FlipWitch – Walkthrough

Special for those lost and clueless:

  1. First location – Witchwood Forest. Find the Supreme Fairy and help her avoid trouble.
  2. The fairy will open the passage to the city, where you can buy the Fairy Bubble from the Suspicious Trader for 100 gold.
  3. Return to the very beginning of the game and give the bubble to Beatrice (this unlocks the ability to change gender).
  4. In the form of a boy, a passage opens to the Male Cave, where you can reach the Goblin Queen.
  5. After defeating the Goblin Queen, a passage opens to the Phantom Castle, where you can find the ability to transform into a ghost and the Phantom Boss.
  6. After defeating the Phantom Boss, a passage opens to Jigoku (hell) and the Mushroom Forest (still inaccessible here). In Jigoku, you can find Demonic Wings (cheap, actually) and the Demon Boss.
  7. After defeating the Demon Boss, a passage opens to Tango through the Mushroom Forest. In Tango, you can find Angelic Feathers (triple jump, actually) and Angelica.
  8. After defeating Angelica, a passage opens to the Mushroom Forest. In the forest, you can find the ability to transform into a slime.
  9. Here’s where the fun begins. After getting the slime form, go to the Rat’s Lair, located to the right of the entrance to Jigoku. There, you’ll encounter the Rat Boss and the Mermaid’s Scale (simply allows walking through waterfalls).
  10. Next, head to Umi-Umi, the entrance is opposite the entrance to the Mushroom Forest. There, simply defeat the Frog Boss.
  11. Now, it’s time to head to the Slime Citadel. The entrance is in the far-right part of the Mushroom Forest. In the Citadel, defeat the Slime Girl Boss.
  12. After this, the final part of the game unlocks – the Chaos Castle. The entrance is at the very beginning of the Spirit City.
  13. Technically, you don’t need to defeat bosses with fragments of the Chaos Key to transition to new locations, but skipping bosses doesn’t have much sense.

Labeled Maps

A couple of maps with various points of interest:


Spirit City

Phantom Castle

Dzigoku + Demon Club


Mushroom Forest + Slime Citadel

Rat’s Place


Chaos Castle

FlipWitch Achievements

Story Bosses

These achievements complete themselves during the game:

  • Bubble Beater
    • Defeat the Fairy Boss
  • Nosey Goblin
    • Defeat the Goblin Queen
  • Phantom Puncher
    • Defeat the Ghost Boss
  • Sad Boy
    • Defeat the Demon Sub Boss
  • Devil Destroyer
    • Defeat the Demon Boss
  • Angel Annihilator
    • Defeat the Angel Boss
  • Sewerage Sanitation
    • Defeat the Slime Sub Boss
  • Slime Slugger
    • Defeat the Slime Boss
  • Thuthpicious Creature
    • Defeat the Plague Sub Boss
  • Sucker Punch
    • Defeat the Tako Queen Sub Boss
  • Frog Fighter
    • Defeat the Frog Boss
  • Not Your Average House Cat
    • Defeat the Sphinx Sub Boss
  • Chaos Crusher
    • Defeat the Chaos Witch

Too Little, Too Late…

Defeat the Goblin Ex Boyfriend Sub Boss

  • To obtain the acheivement, you need to defeat the boss known as “Ex.” The boss is located in the Witchwood behind a closed door with a heart symbol. The quest to kill the boss (Emotional Cargo) and the key to the door are given by Goblina in the Dark Alley after completing the Rough Goblin quest. The boss’s location is indicated by the character icon on the map.

Slash and Sniff

Defeat the Ghost Sub Boss

  • This boss is tough but can be accidentally skipped, so I’ll mention it separately.
  • Also, it guards Milka and Slika’s underwear.
    • Boss location – character icon

Done and Dusted

Defeat the Harpy Crow Sub Boss

  • She’s challenging too, but you might accidentally skip her.
  • Honestly, the boss drops something strange.
    • Boss location – character icon

Cloudy Judgment

Defeat the Angel Cloud Sub Boss

  • You might accidentally skip this boss (as I did), but you need to defeat it for the Legendary Chew quest.
    • Boss location – character icon

Mushroom DOOM

Defeat the Mushroom Sub Boss

  • Access to the boss is granted during the Legend of Taitil quest.
  • Taitil gives the key if you approach her in the Piglet costume.
    • Boss location – character icon

Wide Open for Business

Enter the Cabaret Cafe

  • To get this achievement, simply bring Milka and Slika their underwear and enter the cafe. Still, for another achievement in this place, you need to bring other characters, so I’ll detail where everyone is sitting and what they need.
    • Rover is locked behind bars in Spirit City (you need the Ghost form to free him).
    • Belle lost her bell in Witchwood (her bell is in a chest in the 3 rooms to the left of her).
    • Milka and Slika had their underwear stolen by the boss Willy Sniffer (he’s in the highest room of the Phantom Castle, and it’s hard to skip the girls, to be honest).

Backdoor Pass

Enter the VIP Room

  • To enter the VIP room, complete the “Assistance Required” quest.
  • To do that, complete all character quests in the cafe (not guaranteed).
    • Name – Quests
      • Rover – Fetch the Dog, Bone Crusher, Legendary Chew
      • Janis – Snitchy Snack, Assistance Required
      • Belle – Where’s My Bell?, Milkshake Deluxe, Rat Trouble
      • Milka and Slika – Panty Raid, Ghost Hunter, Cursed Restroom
      • Suspicious Merchant – Jellyshroom, Chaos Jelly
    • Location of the apartment key
    • Apartment location with the Chaos event

Chaos Killer

Complete all Chaos Events

It’s actually quite straightforward here. Most Chaos events are unmissable, but there’s one non-story-related event that appears during the quest “Demonic Delight!” (though you can enter the apartments without the quest, but whatever). Here’s where you can find the key to the apartments:

Location of the apartment key
Location of the apartments with the chaos event

Best Dressed

Collect all Costumes

In total, there are 18 costumes in the game, 9 for each gender. Almost all of them are needed for quests and can be purchased with gold. You can find the locations of Thimbles, Rat Costume, and Fisherman’s Costume in the Maps section.

To get this achievement, check out our FlipWitch Costume Guide here. You can learn the location of all costumes and how to obtain them.


Collect all Gachas

This achievement is a real pain in the game… You need to gather 41 tokens and spend them in the gacha machines (apparently, there are 44 of them in the game).

I highly recommend searching for secrets with the Brain Casket, which you can buy from the Trader in Tengoku. It makes a sound when you enter a room with a secret (the secret can be either a token or a chest).

  • You can find a map with the tokens in the Maps section.
  • The trader’s location – character icon.

FlipWitch Quests

FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex Quest Walkthrough Table

Other Quests

FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex Quest Walkthrough Table

Where can I find the Rat Costume?

Opposite the entrance to Dzigoku is the entrance to the rat’s den (requires slime form). The costume is in a secret area.

Where is the Heavenly Daikon located?

Above the entrance to Tengoku (requires a triple jump).

Where is the wine for the bunny?

In the Witch’s Forest (requires a triple jump).

Where is the Mermaid Scale?

Mermaid Scale: Ability to walk through waterfalls.

Opposite the entrance to Dzigoku is the entrance to the rat’s den (requires slime form). The scale is in a chest behind the boss.

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