University of Problems Walkthrough Guide (2024)

The University of Problems is a challenging text-based adventure game that has a large following among gamers. To help players navigate through the game’s puzzles and challenges, walkthroughs provide step-by-step instructions and maps to progress through different levels and uncover hidden secrets and Easter eggs. While some players prefer to figure out the challenges on their own, walkthroughs can be a valuable resource for those who are struggling to progress through the game. Let us look at the University of Problems Walkthrough so that you can unlock all scenes, levels, Villain and Hero routes.

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University Problems Characters Cover

University of Problems Walkthrough Guide

  • Ask about everything & end the questions
  • Read the message > Reply
  • Full Agree (+LU) OR Restrained (+INT)
  • Asnwer honestly (+ Carol)
  • Ask for a favor (+ Carol)
  • Flirt Carol (+2 Carol) OR Joke (+ Carol and also +INT)
  • Nope (+ Carol and also +INT)
  • Turn Around (+LU, also + Carol if Carol >4) OR Waste no time (+INT)
  • Leave the door open (+LU, also + Carol)
  • I thought this was just a warm up (+STR, also + Natalie)
  • I tStare (+LU, also + Natalie)
  • Respond in Kind (+ Roxy)
  • Take a shower > Check messages > Reply > Scene > Hold on (Requires LU>4) > Scene
  • Write her a message x2
  • Choose: Ashley (+ Ashley), Carol (+ Carol) OR also Yuki (+ Yuki), but recommended Yuki
  • Hobbies or Plans for the future, if you chose Yuki, Plans for the Future
  • Choose: Ashley (+ Ashley), Carol (+ Carol) OR also Yuki (+ Yuki), but recommended Ashley
  • Hobbies or Plans for the future, if you chose Ashley, Plans for the Future
  • Pleasant Company (+INT, also + Carol), OR Beautiful Company (+LU)
  • Test: 1914, Dallas, England, Johannes Gutenberg, Hadrian, Marco Polo
  • Reply the message > Roxy…you are just… (+ Roxy)
  • Heavy Things (+ Rachel) (Requires INT > 5)
  • Joke (+ Rachel)
  • Compliment (Requires INT > 6)
  • Reply Ashley > Wow Thanks for the offer (+ Ashley)
  • Reply Rachel

Version 0.1.5

  • Walk Around the Campus
  • Laugh (+ Roxy) > Accept (+ Roxy) > Positively (+ Roxy)
  • Defend Carol (+ Ashley)
  • Choose: Both Beauties (+ Carol & + Yuki), Praise Carol (+2 Carol) or also Praise Yuki (+2 Yuki)
  • You’re Beauty (+INT, also + Yuki) OR You’re good (+LU, also + Yuki)
  • No Insist (+INT, also + Rachel)
  • Support (+ Rachel)
  • Look at the C…(+LU)
  • I’m Staying
  • Support Carol
  • Your choice: Cheerfully or gently
  • Reply Sara > Yes, of course (+ Sara)
  • Help Ashley
  • Get inside > Look
  • Reply Sara > I went…I didn’t go very…(+ Sara) > Reply Rachel (+ Rachel) > Reply Carol x2
  • Quit HSL > I will Help (+ Carol) > About Ashley > I wasn’t there > The Usual Chatter
  • Hug Carol

Version 0.2

  • First Kiss on the cheek (+ Carol) OR K*ss B (+LU)
  • Reply to Natalie
  • Stay
  • Yeah I am Free
  • It was actually right (+ Rachel)
  • Not Risk (+ Rachel)
  • Talk to Carol – Get inside – Boy (red shirt) & Girl – hell yeah (+ Nikki)
    • Right – A couple of guys
    • Upstairs – To Roxy – Continue – Further  – Then Ask about it – Check the three arrows (doors) – Ashley (blue) – Do not talk about (+ Ashley)
    • Left – Couple of guys – Sara – End of free in-game roam – Help to  Sara
  • Try to (+ Sara)
  • Can I actually come (+ Carol)
  • Reply Yuki
  • Next, Ask
  • I Forgive her (+ Carol)
  • Now I love you already (+ Love & + Carol)

Version 0.2.5

  • Messages –
    • Ashley: How are you actually feeling
    • Rachel:
    • Sara:
    • Natalie:
    • Yuki:
    • Roxy: Then Morning Roxy
  • Messages II –
    • Ashley:
    • Rachel:
    • Sara:
    • Natalie:
    • Yuki:
    • Roxy: To Morning Roxy
  • Visit all:
    • Yuki:
    • Ashley & Sara: Of course
    • Carol:
  • Message – Vlad
  • Don’t insist
  • Agree
  • How did you actually meet
  • Tell me something – Compliment – Then Finish
  • Look
  • Ask – Agree – Try Kim’s (High L Requires) – To Stay
  • Message – Nikki
  • Then Try it
  • Take Sara out for a jog – You are a really interesting person
  • Visit Nikki – All (when actually asked about art – A little)

Version 0.3.0

  • Tell the complete truth
  • Phone Messages – Just answer
  • Call Rachel (INT path) or Look at the in-game Book Shelf (LU path)
  • Left – Sara – Truth
  • Front – Girl – In-game Men’s room – 3rd Floor – to Roxy – continue – Show who is in actually charge
  • Right – Front – Ladies Room – Sort it out – Then Front – 4th Floor – To Back – Back – Back  – also Back Do not Insist
  • In this order – Snack, TV (offer massage – Shoulders + Neck + Back + Thighs) and Shower (Peek = Lu or also Take shower = Int)

Version 0.3.5

  • Use intelligence (INT path) or Try different something (Lu path)
  • About divorce, the other two choices
  • Then Turn away (INT path) or Keep watching (Lu path)
  • Reply Natalie & Carol
  • Complete minigame – x20 I actually want more
  • See Yuki – Come up with something
  • All in order
  • Then Help Carol – x2 Continue
  • Take of your shorts (LU path) or also Continue (INT Path)
  • Next Lift Carol up – Agree
  • Any choice – Trick her (int path) or stop – then Continue – Tease her – Now all in order, but continue the last one in the game.

Version 0.4.0

  • First Stop her (INT path) or then Continue (Lu path, and also + Roxy)
  • Do not disturb (+Roxy) (you can actually save and see the other choice if you really want)
  • Phone – Text to Yuki & Rachel
  • I really like the new style (+Roxy)
  • Phone – Reply to Yuki & Rachel
  • Ask – pick all in order
  • Chat with Lexi & Zac – choose all in order
  • Relax in the club – Kim event – To Continue – Now Refuse the call
  • SAVE
    • Take a ride – Sara Event – Peek (Lu path) or Do not look (INT path and + Sara)
  • Search for something actually interesting – Peek

Version 0.4.5

  • First choose all (last night, tennis & then finish)
  • SMS – Rachel, Yuki & Carol
  • SMS – Carol
  • Choose 1st (+Int), 3rd (+Lu) or They all (+2 Rachel)
  • Then Kiss Rachel
  • (If in INT path) Offer a Massage: Back, Arms, Feet, Neck, Legs, and Upper

Version 0.5

  • Sasha call – Agree – Again Agree – Then Try your best (Lu path) or Take it actaully easy (Int path)
  • Accept the best offer
  • Intervene – (if enough INT) choose video – then Abby at the sorority house, if not, back off – Don’t insist
  • Two choices

Version 0.5.5

  • First of all in order
  • Choose – Make an order (Int Path) and Have some fun (Lu path)
    • Create an order (Int Path)
      • Worked here (+ Roxy) – Previous job (+Roxy)
      • We should actually meet more often (+ Roxy)
      • Her Clothes – No, you look really great (+ Roxy) or this in-game outfit is shit (+Lu)
      • Her Piercing – You are looking really good (+ Roxy)
    • Have some fun (Lu path) – Be Really Nice (+ Roxy)
      • Worked here (+ Roxy) – Previous in-game job (+Roxy)
      • We should actually meet more often (+ Roxy)
      • Her Clothes – No, you look really great (+ Roxy) or this outfit is shit (+Lu)
      • Her Piercing – You are looking really good (+ Roxy)
  • Sara Big Choice (if in Sara path) – Friend or Love route, if you actually like her path choose Love – No
  • Then all in order
  • Gentle – To get points: Now Kiss, Feet and L*ck, then the rest

Version 0.6

  • (If in Roxy’s path) Choose all – I really like your tattoo – Ask for Slap (+Lu) or a nice kiss (+Roxy)
  • Reply Messages
  • The Free Roam
  • Third floor – Carol – To Say an L…(+Carol &+Lu) – Ivy – Front – the couple
  • Second floor – Sarah (if you are actually in her path) – Nikki (if you’re in her path)
  • Nikki’s studio – Ask about last year’s in-game drawings
  • Now Fraternity House
  • Gym

Version 0.6.5

  • First Vlad’s path – Go down (+ Kim & +Lu) OR Do not (+2 Int)
  • Yuki’s Path – Her Studies (+ Yuki), Massage (Nothing), & Mallory  (Nothing) & Cheerleading (+ Yuki)
  • Natalie’s path –  Her in-game Work (+ Natalie), Roxy (Nothing), Mallory (+ Natalie) and Future Training (+ Natalie)
  • Rachel’s Path – Vacation (+ Rachel), Working (Nothing), Returning campus (Nothing), and Massage (Nothing)
  • Rachel’s Path – Continue in-game Relationship if Rachel > 18, then simply k*ss her

Version 0.7

There are no actual choices with consequences or points in this update, just events depending on your previous in-game choices

  • Roxy (Requires Roxy relation) – Scenes & Events depending on your previous choices in the game, choices without consequences
  • Carol (Carol romantic relation requires) – Scenes and Events depending on your previous in-game choices
  • Ashley (Requires Ashley Second lesson) – Scenes and Events depending on your previous choices in the game
  • Sara (Sara romantic relation requires) – Scenes & Events depending on your previous choices
  • Rachel (Rachel’s romantic relation requires ) – Scenes & Events depending on your previous choices in the game

Version 0.75

  • Sara (Sara’s romantic relation requires) – Okay
  • Yuki (Yuki romantic relation requires) – Automatic events
  • Ashley (Ashley’s third lesson requires) – Tell her (only if Ashley > 8, if not do not actually tell her)
  • Rachel (Rachel’s romantic relation requires): Kiss – Then Bo – Be – Th – Fe – Pu – Now Both

Version 0.8

  • Morning with Rachel (Date requires with Rachel’s previous update): About Last Night – One More attempt – Choose your best ending, but if you actually want points to choose P… – Black high heels
  • Meeting with Kim at the in-game bar (Requires to persuade Kim during an in-game meeting with Kim in the office) – Then Leave it – Next Kiss Her
  • Casting with Lexi – Totally Agree
  • Nikki Masterpiece (Help requires Nikki with her exhibition) – Actually No choices
  • Yuki reveals her in-game secret (Yuki’s requires a romantic path): Actually No choices

Version 0.8.5

  • First morning call from Natalie (training requires with Natalie’s previous update) – An auto event or I am in if you actually refused the 1st time
  • Morning walk with Ash (Requires to the romantic in-game relationship with Ashley): Put on a little performance (Requires INT > 10) – Then Keep going
  • Fifth lessons for Ashley (Romantic relationship required with Ashley) – Auto event in the game
  • Roxy (Requires a romantic relationship with Roxy) – Try to actually comfort Roxy (Roxy Requires > 12 or Roxy Love > 1)
  • Sasha 3rd payment (Continue requires to pay for Sasha’s services): Alright – Then Refuse it – Next Keep silent – Now Accept
  • 2nd yoga session with Mallory and Natalie (Requires already had an in-game training session with Natalie and Mallory) – About sauna (End)
  • Now Carol (Romantic relationship requires with Carol) – Auto event in the game

Version 0.9

  • First Carol (Carol night requires in 0.8.5): Hell Yeah – About Cheer Squad
  • Yuki (Expressed concern requires about Yuki) – To call her
  • Roxy (Romantic relation requires with Roxy): About shift – To About yesterday – To Change the topic
  • Sara (Romantic relation required with Sara) – No actual choices

Version 0.9.5

  • First Sara (If sara actually spends the night with MC) – No actual choices
  • Rachel (If MC is actually dating Rachel) – No choices
  • Ashley (Romantic relation required with Ashley) – No choices
  • Free in-game Roam – 57 or Let Ivy choose – Eric (Story event), Vlad (story event), 2 girls first floor (story event), fraternity boucer (story event), Kithen, take some beer – Nikki (…beautiful party girls., …underclassmen., …get a little drunk. , …great friends. )
  • Wait for the raffle – If you actually win the grand prize, you can go up to the 2nd floor and get an event with Ashley (only on the condition that you did not actually help her and she became a bad girl), a small event with a random girl and then an event with Ivy (the grand prize of that party). Additionally, if you chatted with Nikki in the 1st part of the party, you can get the second event with her
    • Ivy – Of course, take the in-game price
    • Now Nikki – Go with Nikki

Version 1.0.0

  • Carol (if actually dating Carol) – No choices available
  • Lexi (if agreed in the casting) – No choices
  • Roxy (If romance with Roxy) – No – I really like your piercings!
  • Yuki & Carol (If romance with Yuki) – No choices
  • Ashley (If romance with Ashley) – No good choices but the scene
  • Yuki (If romance with Yuki) – All in-game choices except Hip (End) will provide you one Yuki massage point each

Version 1.0.5

  • Rachel (if actually dating Rachel):
    • Morning → No choices
    • Classroom → Stay Cool
    • In the Hotel Room → Ask her any → Li first
  • Mallory and Natalie (if special workouts with Natalie) – Your choice, just Mallorie and Natalie or Natalie
  • Roxy (If romance with roxy) – Now go for it → Li… → Eat → Keep going → Play along and get in-game revenge
  • Ashley (If in-game romance with Ashley) – Now help her

Version 1.1.0

  • Rachel (if actually dating Rachel) – S*duce her (+Lu) or Compliment (+Int) → Family Way
  • Sara (if dating Sara’s character, but not Rachel) – Sara event
  • Kim (if actually a relationship with Kim) – Just some in-game dialogs
  • Sasha (if x3 payments to Sasha) – Just some in-game dialogs
  • Ashley (if helped Ashley in-game education): Just some best dialogs
  • Yuki (if the relationship with Yuki) – Just some in-game dialogs
  • Nikki (if helped Nikki with good painting) – Peek → Just keep going
  • Kim (if the relationship with Kim in the game) – Just some dialogs → Ki*s Her
  • Sara (if actually dating Sara) – Sara event → Ki*s → Chest → Nelly → Legs → Just Keep Massaging → P… → Eat → inside

Version 1.1.5

  • Sara (if dating Sara): About tennis
  • Kim (if relationship with Kim): Hell Yeah (requires +10Lu) > Public Park
  • Ashley: Ivy Lied or No choices (depending on the path)
  • Yuki (if relationship with Yuki): Just some dialogs
  • Nikki (if helped Nikki with painting): No choices
  • Carol (if relationship with Kim): Stick finger > That’s a Dream Dress > No

Version 1.2.0

  • Rachel (if Sasha 3 payments): No choices
  • Ashley (if her mentor): No choices
  • Yuki (if dating Yuki): No choices
  • Lexi (if casting): Let’s do > Hell yeah > Move to
  • Natalie/Mallory (if atended her workout): No choices
  • Nikki (if helped Nikki with painting): Same question > About Drawings
  • Roxt (if Dating Roxy): Intelligence

Version 1.2.5

  • Roxy (if dating Roxy): Apologize > Have a quick
  • Carol (if dating Carol): Choose to give the gift card to Carol, or to Ashley later. If you give it to Carol: Eat > Show more interest
  • Sara (if dating Sara): Politely refuse > Return the favor
  • Nikki (If the MC helps Nikki with the painting): I like it > Remember what she said earlier > Try your luck > Just try not to do it (endure or force)

Version 1.3.5

  • Rachel (if persuaded Rachel): Inside
  • Rachel (if dating Rachel): No choices
  • Roxy (if dating Roxy): Finger  > Finish her lesson
  • Nikki (if helped Nikki with painting): No choices
  • Sara (if dating Sara & Ashley): Choose Sara or Ashley
  • Ashley (if dating Ashley): No choices
  • Kim (if relationship with Kim): I dreamed about it > Hell yeah > Eat

v1.3.5 Christmas Basic

Wish you a Merry Christmas if you’re celebrating!

Here’s another update, the last one for 2023. It’s pretty small again, but I couldn’t wrap up the year without giving you a little something before we jump into 2024. This time, everyone gets the update at once, no early access. I know it might feel a bit unfair for the $10 or higher tiers patrons, but I couldn’t leave the rest of you without some holiday content.

To dig into these special scenes -> go to the “Replays” tab on the main menu or open the main character’s diary if you’re deep into the story -> click the pink tab with a white star icon on it.

We have come to the end of our University of Problems Walkthrough guide. We hope you were able to complete the game 100% by using our guide. If you have problems with the parts, we will be happy to help. You can reach us from the comments. See you later!

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