Vacation Simulator – Achievements

All Achievements This is a very straight-forward guide. Just find the name of the achievement you […]

All Achievements

This is a very straight-forward guide. Just find the name of the achievement you need below:

This Vacation brought to you by…
Pull Out Every Card in the Credits
In the Human-Selection screen (or in the Settings-Page of your Backpack), pull out every Credits-Card you can see. Just keep going until the Cards loop again from the first one.

Permission Granted
Agree to Go Online
On the PC in your Home, open the BotNet and hit “Agree”.

Love Your Look
Try On Every Avatar Outfit
Enter the bedroom in your home, and pull the wardrobes door over to the right. If you hit one of the three buttons in the middle, you get a shirt themed after one of the three locations. You might have to try on every color of every shirt (by rotating the disk below the buttons), I did it to be safe, but I don’t know if I had to.

Sunken Treasure
Discover BotBeard’s Treasure
This is the final “area” in the Diving-Part of the Beach-Vacation (you need at least 5 memories to open up this area). You can find all the Keys in close proximity to the Chest. Simply rotate the lock around after having put in and turned all keys, then the chest should open.

Peak Vacation
Reach the Top of Vacation Mountain
The final part of the Overlook-Area in the Vacation Mountain (you also need 5 Mountain-Memories to open the area). Just head all the way up the big ladder and raise the flag at the top.

Old Reliable
Observe the Geyser
The final part of the Vacation Forests locked area. After getting 5 Forest-Memories, just head all the way through the Hiking Trail (look at the sign to find the fastest way through)

Brain Freeze
Eat 7 Scoops of Ice Cream at the Peak
The first part of the Vacation Mountains locked area Overlook has an ice-cream machine. Just stack up 7 scoops on a waffle and eat it all (eat it like you want to impale yourself with it, otherwise you will just lick the ice cream)

Simulation Saved
Save the Vacation Simulator
Get 30+ Memories and activate the Party-Switch in your home.

You’re A Natural
Roll a Natural 20
In your home, there is a 20-sided dice under the TV on the left. You have to roll a 20, which shouldn’t be too hard with some luck. An easier way to get the achievement is to pick up the dice, make sure the 20-side is looking up and just drop it so it doesn’t even roll. This should work most of the time.

Fish Icing
Return a Fish to the Ice Hole
In Vacation Mountain, go through the house into the hot tub. Melt the ice on the console with anything hot (like a hot beverage from the grinder in the kitchen in the house) and turn up the heat for the hot tub. Take one of the fish and throw it into the hole on the icy lake below (next to the ice-skating bot). If you hit the hole, the fish will be thrown out trapped in an ice cube after a few seconds.

The World Is Your Oyster
Find the Pearl in the Sunken Ship
In the underwater area where you’ve found the treasure chest in Vacation Beach, open the oyster that has the car key in it (on the right of the chest) and take out the key. Then close the oyster again, and open it once more to find the pearl.

Did You Know…
Read 10 Random Facts
In your home, there is a “Useless Facts” book where the TV is. Take it, and open and close it 10 times (until you get the achievement).

Mushy Music
Hit or Bounce 20 Musical Mushrooms While Hiking
In Vacation Forest, enter the Hiking Trail and find the Mushroom place (its the top middle spot on the map). Then just take the mushrooms that lie infront of you, and throw them onto the bigger mushrooms all around you. If you hit 20 of them (and hear the sounds for each hit), you get the achievement.

Mandatory Socialization
Talk to 30 Bots at the Party
While the party is active in your home, wave at every single bot there (you dont have to wait for them to finish talking, although it is easier on your ears if you do).

Is This Real Gaming?
Play Every Game Cartridge on Vacation Island
Put all 7 game cartridges in the console next to the TV in your home. Four cartridges should be right next to it, and there is one more in each of the three locations. The beach cartridge is floating in the water next to the waterfalls, the Forest cartridge is swimming in the river, just stand in it until it swims by and the mountain cartridge is frozen in the hot tub. Just find all three, put them in the console aswell and the achievement should be yours.

Life’s A Beach
Find All Memories on Vacation Beach

Forest For The Trees
Find All Memories in Vacation Forest

Molehill Or Mountain
Find All Memories on Vacation Mountain

The Perfect Vacation
Get All Memories in the Vacation Simulator
Should be self explanatory, just get all the memories in each area, and if you get all three youll also get the perfect vacation. I wont go into how to get all the memories here, but if you are missing some, the best way to find out which ones is to wave at every bot in the location where you are missing memories and listen to what they say.

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