Vampire Survivors How to get Exdash

Welcome to our Vampire Survivors How to get Exdash guide. Vampire Survivors, an indie pixelated roguelike akin to Dead Cells, gives players eight major characters to choose from; however, a secret ninth playable character can be obtained via a hidden way. The secret character, Exdash Exiviiq, on the other hand, requires a more obscure technique of unlocking.

Vampire Survivors How to get Exdash

Exdash Exiviiq is a high-Luck character in Vampire Survivors who is unlocked using a secret code rather than usual ways. Check out our guide to locate exactly what you’re looking for!

How to Unlock Exdash

Players must open the game’s main menu and type in the string “x-x1viiq” to unlock Exdash in Vampire Survivors. Exdash will not unlock unless players type swiftly and keep all other keys untouched during this procedure. Fans of Vampire Survivors will hear an in-game chime when they’ve successfully obtained the secret character. Then, check the Character Selection panel to see if Exdash Exiviiq is present.

Exdash starts at slightly lower base stats than other characters in Vampire Survivors, but it comes with +100% Luck, allowing the blue ghost to find better chests and gather loot more efficiently. Luck also lowers the possibility that unfavorable events will occur during a run. Players need to ensure that they have the highest chance of survival in this Dead Cell-like tense and engaging adventure. Such negative occurrences include annoying swarms of bats or other hordes of challenging enemies to fend off.

Below are the base stats that Exdash offers, with Luck being its primary appeal.

  • Max Health: 77
  • Move Speed: -10%
  • Might: -10%
  • Area: -10%
  • Speed: -50%
  • Duration: -10%
  • Cooldown: +10%
  • Luck: +100%

Video Guide for How to Unlock Exdash

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