Victoria 3 Industry Guide

Playing Victoria 3 and need more information on industrialization? Simple, this guide teaches you how to industrialize quickly and get the best IG in the game in control of your kingdom. Check out our Victoria 3 Industry guide without delay!

Victoria 3 Industry Guide

Welcome to our Victoria 3 Industry Guide. Simple, this guide teaches you how to industrialize quickly and get the best IG in the game in control of your kingdom.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Victoria 3 game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Victoria 3 guide.

How to Industrialize

It’s very simple, just follow this simple process.

1. Set your taxes to the max and put consumption taxes on everything that makes you the most money (but grain cause 500 authority isn’t work the tax)

This will give you a ton of weekly income you can use to build construction sector and to build things, since the main difference between an industrialized and non industrialized country is the lack of peasants and subsistence agriculture in an industrialized one, we need to build as many profitable building as possible.

(Not only will this take away power from the landowners, since most of their aristocrat pops come from the subsistence agriculture building (along with clergy) BUT IT WILL ALSO GENERATE MORE MONEY FOR YOU TO TAX AND BUILD MORE CONSTRUCTION SECTORS!!!)

2. Focus predominantly on producing buildings involving woodcutting, tools, and natural resources like coal (especially coal)

These are the most profitable buildings in the game, especially woodcutting as its use will always be needed throughout the game along with coal as coal will be used in many production methods down the line which also makes buildings more profitable by decreasing the amount of workers. PS use auto expand to automate this process.

However watch out when changing production methods as you may not have the goods to supply the change (changing the construction sector P.M is big aswell)

3. Use the corn laws to get a (based) laissez faire capitalist as the head of the landowners IG and also get per capita taxation for more money

You can only get the corn laws if you have an export taxation on grain (wheat?) and are on mercantilism preferably without serfdom (so you can switch to laissez faire immediately) This will generate more investment pool funds to at least start to prepare you for the switch from government production to capitalist production once your GDP is high enough.


Now after some time you should have tons of newly built factories to steal as many people as possible from the landowners and clergy IG, and towards the industrialists and (ugh) intelligentsia.

You will now be able to pass pretty much any reforms you want (especially if you have secret police as no one can rebel under it)

Additionally you can now launch wars without losing any money as you have the largest economy in the world by far and won’t have to go into debt. You can also build a larger army aswell.

HOWEVER communists the trade union IG will come up a couple decades earlier due to your early industrialization, essentially speeding up the time frame for X country you’re playing as.

For example, I got 200m GDP by 1870 as Russia and it was expanding exponentially as I became the No.1 GP by 1885, much different then how the Germans were scared of them industrializing before ww1.

Written by Jared

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