Lords of Infinity Achievements Guide

Need achievements in Lords of Infinity? This guide is for you. We have detailed a list […]

Need achievements in Lords of Infinity? This guide is for you. We have detailed a list and description of the achievement in the tables. Check out our Lords of Infinity Achievements guide without wasting time! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Lords of Infinity game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Lords of Infinity guide.

Lords of Infinity Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Lords of Infinity Achievements Guide. A list and description of the Achievement. Specific how to get in other guides. A few achievement are currently bugged. We working on a patch, should be fixed soon.

Achievements List

Lord of the CortesTake up your birthright as Lord of the CortesPrologue
HomecomingReturn to your family’s ancestral home.1
Lord of the CortesTake up your birthright as Lord of the CortesPrologue
Back in the SaddleA crisis has brought you back into active service.7
All Cavalrymen are BastardsChoose to cover up an inconvenient crime.8
The Hand of JusticeSee justice done, regardless of the cost.8
55 Minutes in AetoriaGet the Takaran Guns11a
L’Homme Armé Doibt on DoubterSeize control of the Shipping Exchange by force.12a
An Engineered VictoryHelp an engineer drive off the Wulframite fleet.12a
What Pierdefense Doing?Retake the shore batteries as quickly as possible.12a
Soldier of the QueenBecome one of Queen Isobel’s senior officers.Epilogue 1
The Hour of the WolfWulframite Power above 15011b
Guns of the PatriotsArm the Wulframite forces with Takaran weapons.12b
Koste es, Was es WolleLead a desperate charge against overwhelming odds.12b
Wolf’s DragoonsSide with the Duke of Wulfram, and bring your regiment with you.Epilogue 2
Wolf’s ClothingSabotage the Duke of Wulfram’s cause without being discovered.11b
Red on the LedgerBurn Bank, Burn!11b
So Anyway, I Started Blasting…Luckily, you had your pieces on you.2a
The Rent is Too Damn HighRent a townhouse at a truly extortionate rate.2a
Gone ClubbingJoin a club in Aetoria.2a
On RetainerAppoint Saunderley to manage your estate.2a, 5a and 8
My Brother’s KeeperAppoint your brother to manage your estate.2a, 5a and 8
By LawAppoint your brother-by-marriage to manage your estate.2a, 5a and 8
A Dragoon on a Dun, a Cossack on the RunGive Karol of Loch a home in exile on your estate.2a
Rich Country, Strong ArmyJoin the Army Reform Commission.3a
An Infamous ArmyHelp kill the Army Reform Commission.7
A Minimal EffortDo your part to limit the Army Reform Commission.7
The March of the New ArmyEnsure the Army Reform Commission completes its work in full.7
Not in my BackyardRefuse to let the Antari settle on your lands.2b
Tolerance ensures its GrandeurGet your tenants to accept the Antari refugees.2b
But not for Me!Turn the tables on the Roadsmen plaguing your fief.3b
Red SonHelp Lord Renard become a Knight of the Red.4a
Second FatherKeep Lord Renard’s respect and affection.4a
Playing BallThrow a ball.4a
An Honourable EstateGet married.5b
Ye are Many-They are FewMarch with your tenants to deliver their petition to the Crown.6b
LzerdmitriyGet into the Rendower Club by falsifying your bloodline.2a
You Pronounced This NonsenseWin a debate at the Reform Club.5a
The Big ShortProfit from a money-making scheme in the Shipping Exchange.5a
Double CrossConvince officers of the Northern Fleet to switch sides.12a
Veterans of a Foreign WarJoin the Overseas Club2a and 5a
Oh, Just One More ThingSuccessfully interrogate, uncover, and arrest a poacher.Estate Activity
Feral HogsSuccessfully hunt down a wild boar.Estate Activity
Darling of the SlumsSuccessfully establish a charitable organisation in the Old City.Reform Club Activity
Only Trust Your FistsSay nothing to the Intendancy officer investigating the prize-fighting ring.Overseas and Admiralty Club Activity
Lawyers, Guns, and MoneyWin the highest-stakes card game you have ever played.Rendower and Shipowners Activity


Achievements List: Major Project related

Canal PlusLink your estate to a canal.
Who Steals the Common From the GooseEnclose your fief’s common land.
SteampunkOpen a manufactory powered by a vapour engine.
El Problema es el Capitalismo!Pay your manufactory’s workers as little as possible.
Not a Penny off the PayPay your manufactory’s workers as much as possible.
Warranted PraiseSupply the navy with timber from your yard.
Horse SenseEstablish a horse breeding farm.
ThoroughbredBreed warhorses for your old regiment.
In-cider TradingEstablish an apple orchard with a cider press.
Auxilio SemperEstablish an Intendancy coastal station.
Shipping and HandlingEstablish a smuggler’s port.
CEO, ENTREPRENEUR, BORN IN 584Complete a major estate project before turning 35.


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