Warframe – Legs Pets

Legs’ Pets & Parts

A member of Solaris United offering you parts to construct your own MOA companion in exchange for Solaris United standing. Not sure why they call him Legs.

Speaking to Thursby Legs allows you to:

  • Exchange Solaris United standing for Models, Cores, Gears, Brackets and Moa weapons.
  • Preview complete Moa with any parts.
  • Gild your Moa companion for stat boosts and mastery once they reach level 30. Requires Doer rank with Solaris United. Mastery is tied to the Model.
  • Purchase a pre-built Moa with Platinum consisting of random parts that are shuffled daily.
  • Donate Moas you no longer need in exchange for Solaris United standing. Scales with its level.
  • Rename Moas for a 15p fee.

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