Warhammer Chaosbane – Elessa End Game Build (Detailed)

An End Game Build for Elessa for Relic Hunts and Boss Rushes. You can also use […]

An End Game Build for Elessa for Relic Hunts and Boss Rushes. You can also use this build to complete the game and push to Chaos difficulty.

So, I will be expanding on this later. As I am currently pushing into Chaos difficulty(It’s not hard, I just don’t like random deaths)

The Build Itself

Left Click: Master Archer Superior
Right Click: Elven Shot Superior

1: Call of the Spirits

2: Defiler’s Reckoning

(As you get more points I’d probably add Queens Wrath)

Seeds of Blood is a must when pushing higher difficulty. It’s free Dps and fodder to use as tanks. A must if you’re solo pushing into Chaos 1+

The others can be personal preference on whether you want to be more tanky or more glass cannon.

I will expand on this when I have the chance, about to complete another character, but this build was an easy glide through the storyline right into Very Hard Difficulty farming relics.

I’ll upload a video showing gameplay for reference, but you’re using poison increased damage and slows and pets to double dip dps.

For those wanting something extravagant and more concise. I do apologize, I don’t want to take a break from the game currently.

Elessa Final Boss Fight Video Guide

How To Get The Best Tier Loot – End Game Guide

Once you complete the main story, you’ll be able to take on a special new challenges — Relic Maps. These are available at the hub, and can be accessed through the Collector’s Guilde vendor.

There are three tiers of Relic Hunt activities; Lesser Relic Map, Greater Relic Map, and Grand Relic Map. Depending on which of these maps you select, you’ll have to deal with negative modifiers – each one has an extra negative modifier. Lesser Maps have 1, Greater Maps have 2, and Grand maps have 3; the negative modifiers on Grand maps can be extremely annoying, so you’ll want to work your way up to completing these activities — although, Grand maps have the best possible rewards.

Grand Maps are the activities we’re aiming for here – gear up and complete lower-tier maps until you can handle the Grand Relic Map challenges. All tiers of relic maps drop red gear, but Grand Maps are the best.

You can get better gear through two different means; level up the Collector’s Guild to unlock the Lucky Charm passive or increase the difficulty to Chaos 1, 2, etc. Both of these will seriously increase the chances of getting better and better gear drops. Lucky Charm increases loot quality by 100% when equipped.

There are many ways to get the best loot, but it’s all available in the Relic Hunt game mode. Just keep aiming to fight through higher tier Grand Relic Maps, on higher and higher difficulties, and you’ll get the best possible loot in the game.

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