Deathgarden BLOODHARVEST – Hunter Abilities, Perks & Weapons Guide

Hunters The Hunter is a heavily armored and powered champion whose goal is to defeat all […]


The Hunter is a heavily armored and powered champion whose goal is to defeat all the Scavengers.

Here is a basic overview of the available Hunters:


The Poacher indulges in the sport of killing. He’s an expert in map control and, thanks to his extended stun field and hard-hitting weapons, close-range decimation. Throwing scavengers over the edge feeds the Poacher’s thrill of the kill and rewards him with more ammunition to mow down his filthy prey.

Default Hunter Power: Anti-personnel mines – Place several proximity mines.

Default Loadout: LMG and automatic shotgun.


The Inquisitor is a cunning hunter capable of forcing scavengers out of hiding. He feeds off the fear of those who dare to oppose him, relishing in his preys’ suffering.
The Inquisitor is symbiotic with the garden and moves efficiently around his arena.

Default hunter power: Turrets – Places up to two heat-sensitive turrets that shoot nearby scavengers.

Default Loadout: Assault rifle and shotgun.


The Stalker lurks in the shadows, imperceptible to those who enter the garden. This sharp-eyed hunter will lie in wait patiently for that perfect, savage moment. The Stalker is a methodical hunter; she’s equipped to accurately eliminate her targets from afar or to effectively take down scavengers at point blank.

Default Hunter Power: Fade – the hunter becomes invisible for a short duration

Default Loadout: Sniper rifle and burst rifle.

Hunter Abilities

The Hunter’s abilities are permanent and consume stamina.

Hunter Perks

Hunter Weapons

Here are the list of guns available for the Hunters:

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