What are Best Items to Sell in Skull and Bones

Details about the items and where you can sell them.

Knowing which items to sell and which items to protect in Skull and Bones can give you an advantage in the game. In this guide, we explained the details about the items and where you can sell them.

What are Best Items to Sell

In Skull and Bones, the best items to sell are commodity items that you discover while navigating the vast seas. This guide outlines the top items to sell, where to sell them, and which items you should hold onto.

Best Items


Commodity items are your prime assets for selling in Skull and Bones. These items can be obtained through exploration, plundering settlements and capitals, and boarding enemy ships. Their sole purpose is for trading, allowing you to earn extra silver.

Avoid Selling Commodities at Low Prices

When selling commodities, steer clear of merchants offering low prices, typically indicated by a red downward arrow beneath the commodity’s icon. Opt instead for merchants displaying a green upward arrow or those with no arrow indicators at all, ensuring you receive the best value for your hard-earned commodities.

Where to Sell Items

Merchants at Saint-Anne

Saint-Anne serves as the game’s commercial hub, teeming with NPCs eager to engage in trade. Various merchants in Saint-Anne, including the blacksmith, shipwright, carpenter, commodity trader, and hawker, are willing to purchase your goods at competitive prices. It may be necessary to visit each shop to find the merchant offering the best rates for your commodities.

Vendors at Sea

During your voyages, you may encounter vendors at sea who also engage in buying and selling items. Exercise caution to avoid selling commodities at lower prices to these vendors.

Don’t Sell these Items

While selling items for extra silver is beneficial, certain items should be retained rather than sold to merchants.

Materials for Ship Building

As your ship is your most valuable asset as a pirate, refrain from selling materials essential for ship construction, including raw materials like wood and refined materials like planks. Flawed materials can be refined at the refinery shop in Saint-Anne for use in building your desired ship.


Food is vital for sustaining you and your crew during sea voyages, replenishing stamina when needed. It’s advisable to hold onto food supplies to ensure you and your crew have provisions during challenging times.


Retain your ammunition to defend against enemies that may attack unexpectedly. Ammunition is crucial for both defense and offense, enabling you to repel threats and raid other ships for loot.


Lastly, refrain from selling furniture aboard your ship, as they provide bonuses that enhance your ship’s durability and capabilities during sea encounters. These bonuses can significantly aid your survival and success on the open seas.

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