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Where to find Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones

Details on where to find bronze ingots and how to process them.

In Skull and Bones, it is very important to have bronze ingots and craft them. In this guide, we explained where to find bronze ingots and details on how to process them.

Bronze Ingots Location in Skull and Bones

Crafting plays a vital role in Skull and Bones, with Bronze Ingots being indispensable in numerous weapon and armor blueprints. However, locating Bronze Ingots can pose a challenge if you’re unaware of where to search.

In Skull and Bones, you can produce crafting materials by extracting raw resources from the environment and refining them. Alternatively, you can bypass this process by acquiring Bronze Ingots from specific merchants, ports, or ships. If you’re seeking Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones, here’s a guide to help you.

How to get Bronze Ingots

To acquire Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones, you must gather Copper and take the raw material to a Refiner for smelting into Bronze Ingots. Copper can be found in the vicinity of the Sacred Tree Outpost in the Red Isle, located directly west of Sainte-Anne. To gather Copper, ensure you have a pickaxe.

Once you’ve collected sufficient Copper, visit a Refiner. Refiners are merchants commonly found in major pirate hubs such as Sainte-Anne and Telok Penjara.

If you prefer not to spend time searching for Copper to convert into Bronze Ingots, certain merchants offer Bronze Ingots for direct purchase. One of the easiest-to-access merchants selling Bronze Ingots is located on the Angaya Coast, east of the Sacred Tree outpost. This establishment is a Fara Clan settlement accessible for trading from your ship.

Bronze Ingots Location on Map

While obtaining materials to create Bronze Ingots yourself is more cost-effective, purchasing them outright is a quicker method if you have the silver to spare.

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