What Never Was – Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements.

What Never Was is a short adventure game with a total of six achievements. Two of them are story related and the others are connected to different items and interactions.

Press RMB to take items and to interact with objects.

What Never Was Walkthrough

Go around the desk and listen to the tape:

Walk towards the globe and press its buttons in the correct order:

  1. Fusang, China
  2. Paryaqaqa, South America
  3. Shu, Egypt
  4. Pele, Hawaii

Take the second part of your necklace and press ‘V’.

Back Together

  • Find the missing part of the necklace

Take the shiny small key:

Press ‘V’ again and find/take all journal pages/photos.



  • Open the box by switching to the necklace (‘V’) and form the word “PIXIE”. Hold ‘Z’ to zoom:

Take the ornamental key.


  • Find everything you can in the attic

**If you are missing some achievements, look at the “Hidden Achievements” section before progressing.

Go to the old grandfather clock and remove the glass.

Interact with the small triangle to switch between the rotatable hands. Align them:

What Never Was

  • You finished the game

Hidden Achievements

Interact several times (LMB and RMB) with these objects:

Sassy Pig

  • You picked up on Mr. Piggles sass

Observer Of Rare Antiquities

  • Inspect the Cross artifact thoroughly

A Pirate’s Life For You

  • Inspect the telescope thoroughly

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