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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Gun Rush Guide

Gun Rush Guide Gun Rush is a battle royale mode in Red Dead Online. Up to […]

Gun Rush Guide

Gun Rush is a battle royale mode in Red Dead Online. Up to 32 players are dropped onto the edges of the map and the last player standing wins. Like other battle royales, Gun Rush has a shrinking map and if you’re caught outside the safe zone you’ll die. You can select it from the online menu when you first start the game or anytime during free roam.

Weapons, armor, horses, and other items are scattered towards the center of the map with most items located near the middle. Maps include popular locations on the map like Fort Mercer and Tall Trees.

Gun Rush Tips and Strategies

  • Everyone starts on the edge of the map instead of getting dropped in like other modes so as soon as you start head directly to the middle of the map for the best loot and the most fortified positions.
  • Chests may contain armor, which is incredibly useful in one on one situations.
  • Use the minimap aggressively. All items, horses, chests, structures, and the parameter of the safe zone can be seen from a glance.
  • Don’t bother grabbing melee weapons, the easiest to find on the edge of the map, as you’ll rarely have a chance to use them and you’ll get to the center on horseback faster if you don’t dismount to pick them up.
  • You can see the number of players in the upper center section of the screen, it’ll lower as players get eliminated.
  • Go for buildings or rooftops as soon as you get the chance. They provide the best vantage points and protection on each map.

Gun Rush: Tall Trees

  • Rifles are king in Tall Trees, there isn’t any central location so ranged attacks will reign dominant.
  • Rocks are the best source of cover but when in doubt the foliage can be great to block line of sight.
  • Treasure chests are usually in the various camps in the center of the map. They’re great for grabbing extra protection in the form of armor.
  • Horses are big targets in Tall Trees, easy pickings. Stick to running on two feet.

Gun Rush: Rhodes

  • Rhode’s is lined with rooftop’s and balcony’s that are perfect for cover and camping.
  • The saloon is especially good for fortifications as you can see enemies coming and they won’t have a clear way to flank you.
  • Footsteps are loud on wood. If you’re sniping on a rooftop be sure to listen to see if someone is sneaking up behind you.
    If you’re moving across the map stick to alleyways and under roofs. Avoid moving around in the open

Gun Rush: Fort Mercer

  • Fort Mercer includes the dusty dessert surrounding the huge fort with multiple rooms and walls.
  • Go directly to the fort as soon as the match start as it includes the best weapons and items.
    It also includes the best places to take cover on the second floor. Take cover there for a good view of the interior and exterior of the fort.
  • Don’t run for the corners of the fort. You’ll get cornered and most likely killed since they don’t have good cover and are easy to flank.

The Manor

  • The main building is the place to be, the second story creates a perfect chokepoint for people coming up the stairs.
  • Use pistols or shotguns when instead. They are more primed for close quarters combat.
  • If you get beat to the main house, stay on the outskirts until you’re forced to confront them wherever the safe zone closes. Making them fight you at medium range.

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