WorldBox God Simulator Mining Guide

Welcome to our WorldBox God Simulator Mining Guide. This guide will show you everything you need to know about mines.

WorldBox God Simulator Mining Guide

More Ore Sources than Minerals such as Stone, Iron, Gold.


WorldBox God Simulator does not explicitly teach how to develop a civilization. However, making sure your civilization can explode is a huge factor in its development. A civilization builds mines after gaining 5 wood and becoming established. When a town or village has 5 forests, it usually spends them to build a mine if it is near a mountain.All races build these things, elves, dwarves, humans and orcs.

More Ore / Resource can be Obtained from Mines such as Stone, Iron, Gold. This is particularly useful where iron or gold deposits are scarce. However, a village/town will still need wood to mine, so it will need to find trees. A few things to note: Having the Minor attribute increases the chance of getting gems from the mines. The dwarves are not more or less interested in mining. Once civilizations reach a mining site, it is almost certain that they will get there first, although it can sometimes take a few minutes. A village/town can modernize its houses by acquiring more iron and gold, allowing for higher population density (more people can live in a single house).

About WorldBox God Simulator

Create or destroy your own world using different powers:

  • God Simulator. You can find all kinds of powers in your toolbox that you can use without wasting any resources or mana.
  • It’s a living world. Each creature has its own special needs and habits. Animals look for food. Greedy kings try to take more land.

Use different tools and brushes to design and improve your world:

  • Fantasy Races. There are 4 different races in Worldbox. Humans, Orcs, Elves and Dwarves. They all have their own design and behavior.
  • Civilizations. Races will establish new kingdoms, colonize new islands, and sail to the islands you will create.
  • Diplomatic System. Kingdoms will fight each other. The people will revolt. Empires will fall. Help them or watch their battles.

Here are some fun powers you can use:

  • Destruction forces. Lightning, tornadoes, acid rain, nuclear bombs, meteorites, virus, dragons and even UFOs.
  • Different creatures. Demons, skeletons, zombies, tumors, cold-blooded, dragons, UFOs and even the huge Crabzilla you can control yourself!

Interact with your world and create various scenarios:

  • Interact. Interact with your world with the divine magnet. Use your powers to start a war or create a storm! Impress your world in unique ways.
  • Share your worlds. Share your masterpieces with players in the WorldBox community!
  • Procedural formation. Create worlds of different sizes and discover kingdoms with unique flags and names.

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