WWE 2K24: How to Make Universe Mode Fun

Guide to how to make universe mode fun in WWE 2K24.

If you are one of those who want to enjoy and have fun with the Universe Mode in WWE 2K24, we have explained ways to make the mode fun in this guide.

Universe Mode in WWE 2K24

As an opening note, this guide mainly is for Classic Universe Mode, but some of the ideas can be applied to both Superstar Universe Mode and if you opt to use Play Mode instead. Also, these tips apply for the current game and many previous WWE 2K titles.


Firstly, make your Universe Mode yours…
Part of what makes the mode great is that it is a sandbox where you can create and play however you wish (obviously within the functionality of the game). It is also worth mentioning if you simply don’t like Universe Mode, just don’t play it.

That being said there are plenty of options to keep it interesting to you. Here are some prompts to get you started with the initial setup:

  • Start off where that years Universe mode begins and play from there.
  • Set up your game to start where the current WWE product is and then start making changes from there as if you are the head of creative.
  • Create and or download a bunch of CAW content and recreate other wrestling companies or eras (could be past or present).
  • Create and or download a bunch of CAW content and make your own original wrestling show(s).

Bonus tip! You can do a draft to decide which wrestlers are assigned to each show. There are websites you can use to do this, or you might want to use a spreadsheet. You could even use GM Mode initially to do the draft and then setup up your roster thereafter.


Once you have a rough idea of what type of Universe Mode you want to set up, your next decision is around the gameplay experience. Here are some options around this too:

  • Play each match as the wrestler you wish to win or lose and aim for your desired outcome.
  • Watch AI take on AI.
  • Use the simulate match feature in the show match card screens.

Watching AI vs. AI is a fairly popular option in the community. Personally, I would recommend looking up a set of AI Sliders to update on YouTube. There are a variety of options you can choose depending on the style and length of matches you wish to watch.


Let’s now look at your weekly shows…
If you are new to Universe Mode, you probably don’t want to use a multi-show system with hundreds of wrestlers. I would recommend starting with a more manageable format. If you are starting out, try run just one show with around forty-ish wrestlers:

  • 6 – World Title
  • 10 – Mid Card Title
  • 12 (6 Teams of 2) – Tag Team Titles
  • 10 – Women
  • 2 – Jobbers

I would also recommend limiting the number of matches per week per show. 3-5 matches a show (around 12 per week) is a manageable amount to progress your storytelling and keep matches interesting. Try have each of your matches have a purpose too, whether that be for short or long term booking decisions.


Some tips for rivalries and storytelling:

  • Plan out your long and short term goals; then work towards them.
  • Turn off automatic rivalries; but use some of the rivalry features to enhance the gameplay and storytelling. For example, a tag-team break up or post-match attack? – use manually set rivalry actions. They aren’t perfect, but they do make a difference.
  • Can’t come up with a good storyline? Let AI do it for you! Try prompting ChatGPT to help you come up with your next storyline.


Some ideas to consider which will help push your gameplay creativity:

  • Run a tournament. It could be to crown a new champion, headline a PPV, participate in a match etc. A real-life example for inspiration would be NJPW’s G1 Climax.
  • Build towards themed PPVs. For example, Halloween Havoc and have all the wrestlers dressed up for the event. Don’t be afraid to create your own unique PPVs as well. Also, when it comes to PPVs don’t feel pressured to run a PPV every month like WWE does (you can run as many or as few as you want).
  • Try different match stipulations and create your own new ones.

Ideas to consider for your chosen wrestlers:

  • Use a variety of newly created or downloaded gimmicks for your wrestlers.
  • Swap gimmicks between wrestlers. For example, give current WWE stars the gimmicks of wrestlers from the 80s-90s. This could include handing on the mantle of a famous gimmick to a current talent (eg. In my modern Universe Mode – Kane gave his gimmick to Damian Priest, who is now the new Kane. I have updated his attire, entrance/victory and some of his moves/taunts).
  • Create unique and interesting tag-teams. Could be using CAWs, legends or existing wrestlers. There are a lot of options available.


Now let’s talk about spreadsheets…

Spreadsheet FAQs:

“I have heard a lot of people use spreadsheets…”

  • Yes, a lot of people use a spreadsheet on something like Google Sheets, Excel or Numbers alongside their Universe Modes.

“Do I need to use a spreadsheet?”

  • No, you don’t need to use a spreadsheet; but! It can add an extra element of fun and enjoyment.

“How does it work? / What should it have on it?”

  • As much or as little as you wish. As an example my spreadsheet for my Universe Mode contains my roster, tag teams/stables, win/loss record, titles / achievements and notes around current storyline’s I am running.


Other tips and suggestions:

  • Watch other people’s Universe Modes on YouTube or explore posts related to Universe Mode on Reddit for inspiration. (Maybe even try make some of your own content…?).
  • Create match cards or posters in a software like Photoshops or online using something like Photopea or Canva. You could even try using AI (Bing Image Generator is a popular option).
  • If you are playing on PC it is worth looking into the modding community. New wrestlers, arenas, graphics, music, etc. – can really transform your game. Some of the tools are a bit confusing at first, but easy to master once you get the hang of it.
Written by SHXHS

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