Yomi Hustle How to Play

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We actually tried to make a good beginner’s guide.This guide will show you how to play in Yomi Hustle!

Yomi Hustle How to Play

Welcome to our Yomi Hustle How to Play guide. This guide will show you over just the basics here.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Your Only Move Is HUSTLE game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Your Only Move Is HUSTLE guide.

How to Play Yomi Hustle

Fighting Game Basics

(You can skip this game is you have ever played a fighting game, smash counts)

Hey you, small specific person! Welcome to fighting games.

The basics are this. You and someone else are gonna fight to the death. First one to lose their health dies.

Simple enough right? Problem is that your enemy is doing the same thing. You need to kill them before they can kill you or they can get better then you.

As a game goes on your actions tell a story about who you are and they can adapt.


Every game starts in Neutral. It is “the stage of a fight where neither player is blocking or getting hit by anything, and you are trying to figure out the best way to start or continue your gameplan. There’s a bit of an assumption that the characters are not super close to each other, so there is some wiggle room to move around and use a varied assortment of attacks or approaches.”

Once you hit your opponent your job is to keep on hitting them and putting them in worse situations. You will have to understand every tool they can use to escape and find ways to make them waste options so you can continue your rampage.

Taking Turns

Surprisingly pretty much all fighting games are turn based, just not in the way Yomi Hustle is. Once you land your first hit that usually means your “turn” has begun. You proceed to take actions and combo the enemy for as long as possible. Once the enemy gets to do anything more then defend you are back in “neural.”

Simple enough right? Lets see you try it.

Your Only Move Is Hustle Basics

Now lets talk about the game. This is what you’ll see when you first get into a game. I’ll be using single player and gifs (provided by Ivy from the old how to guide) to demonstrate the basic mechanics of the game

How to Play Yomi HustleIt’s a lot at once right?

This is the games main screen. In the top left corner you’ll see a little question mark, click that and it will explain what each section does on a mouse hover. I’ll be transcribing some of those now. Using pictures instead.

The game starts off frozen in time. You control one or two of the stick-men and choose the actions they take.


How to Play Yomi Hustle

After choosing your action the game will show you a preview. Those little green holograms are visions of a possible future. When they pause for a hitch and your characters hologram tuns green you know where you’ll be able to act again.

Frame Dis/Advantage

How to Play Yomi Hustle

This little red text tells you if you’ll be able to act before your enemy does. For example if you were to make an attack and miss, you would be at disadvantage. For those frames you cannot take an action and your enemy can. The length of these frames determines what your enemy can do in that time.

If ninja misses a punch he’s at -5 disadvantage. This means to counter the enemy has to be close by and has to choose an option that comes out within 5 frames. Cowboy would use a move like pommel if he was close enough.

If Ninja hit someone with a strong attack then they could be sent flying. The time spent in the air could make the stun last longer. If ninja used something like nun-chuck then he’s now at +31 advantage and has the time to move closer and still be able to strike.

Think of advantage and disadvantage like a timer for turns every time someone gets hit the number changes. You want generally higher frames of advantage and lowest amount of disadvantage so you have more room to act.

Also something says +0 advantage prediction both players can act on the same turn after. This usually happens when two players use the same move or their first actionable frame comes at the same time. Some actions force a +0 state

Health Bar + Everything Else Up There

How to Play Yomi Hustle

So up at the top of the screen you’ll see a health bar along with some other information. The yellow part is how much health you have left. The transparent part is the health thats gone. And the dark yellow displays how much the prediction thinks that player is gonna lose after being hit.

Air options displays how many air movement options you have left. Things like double jumps teleports, and some specials will consume this. Air options refresh back to 2 after landing.

Free Cancels are an advanced technique we’ll discuss later but this is the display that shows how many you have left. It refreshes after both players are hit.

That white numbers on the left are the match timer, it’s not counting down in seconds through it’s counting down in frames. If somehow you played your best and the timer runs out then that’s that.

How to Play Yomi Hustle

The line with a blue bar is the burst meter. Bursting is a defensive mechanic I’ll get into later. For now just know that this is where you see if you have it.

How to Play Yomi Hustle

These are multiplayer only displays. The number displays the amount of time you have left to select and lock in your choice of action. If you don’t pick then the game will lock you into whatever you had selected for the prediction. The style toggle lets you turn enemy and your own styles on or off.

Action Deck

How to Play Yomi Hustle

There is no undoing in multiplayer

Here are all of your actions, (it might be reversed if you’re player 2 but don’t worry about that.) These are your main options for how you interact with the game. When you click one of these the game will display a prediction for how your action can play out. You will not have full access to every action at all times. When you are hit by an enemy your actions generally go away beyond your defensive options. This is also true for certain moves that limit direct followups to certain moves.

Going into specifics now. Every single perfect square there is an action you can take. They all do different things and I’ll discuss that later. The only exception to this is the hold action.

How to Play Yomi Hustle

It continues an action that lets you cancel early or lets you do nothing. If ninja uses his dash then he doesn’t just start acting again at the end of his dash. There’s a period mid dash where he can act. If he wants to continue his dash for whatever reason without attacking he would select hold. This is common for moves with long startups. Superdash will sometimes have you ready before you even move so it’s common to hold after moves like that or any scenario where you don’t wanna choose an option at that moment.

How to Play Yomi Hustle

After that we have the super meter. The purple bar with a number at the end. When the bar fills up the number of super levels you have increases. The levels max out at 9 Super. You spend super on super moves. Some cost more then 1 meter so use them wisely.

How to Play Yomi Hustle

Now we have DI or Directional Influence. DI affects the direction and speed when you are hit by someone. Use this to make it harder for enemies to hit you. While you are being combo’d you still have access to DI and that allows you to make harder to combo you. As combos progress DI gets stronger, so always use when its not your turn and try to mix it up.

Yomi Hustle How to Play – Offense

Offense is the name of the game. Your goal should be to put pressure as much as possible without putting yourself in danger. Every characters attacks are different but each of them have similar tools. They have tools to push forward and strike enemies. They have tools to quickly hit something close by, they have tools to punish really bad plays and they have tools that move them to attack someone else. The best advice is going to involve learning the characters playstyles and how to put pressure properly.


Defense in this game is actually rather simple, nearly every character is the same in regards to how they can defend themselves.

You have a few different ways you can do that.

Blocks (And Parries)

How to Play Yomi HustleSo blocks are the primary way of stopping incoming damnage. Sometimes you will be in a situation where you know an attack is gonna hit and you have genuinely no way of escaping it. A quick, generally cost free way of taking it is a block. You’ll take the hit but it’s damage will be much lower and it’ll reset both players back to neutral, (Both can act at the same time after the attack is done usually.)

There is a high block and a low block. High blocks most attacks but certain ones strike low. For these you use a low block. If you’re airborne then it’s just a normal block.

A parry is what happens if a block is done perfectly. The primary way these happen is if someone attacks and you block on the same turn. If Robot sends a kick and Cowboy blocks on their first moves then Cowboy gets a parry and gets to punish that instantly. If you suspect an attack is coming the move is to parry. Not all moves are parry-able and not all moves chosen on the same turn will do that. Some moves have a wind up animation which will then hit you right after your block ends. It’s a guessing game in these cases.

However, if there’s a projectile coming towards you and on the next frame it’s gonna hit you? You block it and the game will do a parry. You’ll gain meter and instantly be able to act right after. This can be done with really good positioning but is really only useful for gaining meter.


How to Play Yomi Hustle

Dodges are far more situational in their use. You basically roll to one side or the other. Though keep in mind a bad roll will mess you up and you will become vulnerable.


How to Play Yomi Hustle

Surely the move named after the game is useful. Well sometimes it is. This move is basically a taunt. A move that takes up far too much time and barely does anything. If you do successfully use it you gain one meter instantly. This can be useful for small case situations where an enemy is too far away to do anything or you have around 40+ advantage on them and wanna disrespect. Beyond that it’s purely for style points.

Movement – Yomi Hustle How to Play

When it comes to movement in Yomi Hustle every character is different. Ninja has a more direct movement ability while someone like Cowboy has a more specific controlled movestyle. Some attacks also influence movement as well. Jump kick from Ninja sends you flying towards the enemy in a jump kick but even Cowboys horizontal slash sends you moving a little forward.

Often times after starting a combo you lose the ability to use certain movement options, forcing you to rely on your choices to properly follow up a combo. Often Super Moves will let you bypass this limit.

An instant cancel will instantly refresh you to get your movement back, but it costs you a level of meter so you have to be careful to balance choices well.

Ultimately movement is gonna depend on each character so I’ll give a short guide on each.

Ninja’s Shmovement

Ninja’s bread and better is fast quick movement. He has all the basic movement options you would expect for a character meant to rush down and get up close. Beyond his basic movement he has a teleport that changes places with a projectile and a super that lets him store and release momentum. In terms of movement he’s one of the most insanely complex. And thats before you touch his attacks that move him.

Cowboys Hustling

‘Cowboy doesn’t really move he teleports. A different one from Ninja, he’s more of the “teleports behind you” kinda guy and it shows. His options are generally limited but it’s made up for with a strong range and easier time running combos. His tools are much more useful for spacing yourself out to parry specific hits and mix up enemies while staying in a strong striking range.

Shadow Wizards Money Gang (They love Casting Spells)

Wizard is like a normal dude who’s also tied to a balloon. His aerial options are frankly insane. He has a hover alongside a fast fall and it lets him pretty much rule the sky movement wise. On the ground he shares a bit of a nerfed versions of Ninja’s movement. But it remains a little better then cowboys options (not including teleport)

Who the heck do I play?


Some slightly more advanced stuff


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