You Have Been Globally Banned Fivem – How to Unban?

You Have Been Globally Banned Fivem Error FIX


So a day ago i got this message when i tried to join a server

You have been globally banned from FiveM for cheating. This ban will expire in 13 days + 05:06:18. Please do note that the FiveM staff can not assist you with this ban. Your ban ID is 40083abf-213f-4acd-91c1-82951d927b0a.

I only play on servers that are RP servers and never used a menu or something like that, does anyone know how to get rid of the ban / prevent it for when i get unbanned?


This method will make so you log out from your social account which is linked to fivem. But you will need a new GTAO account!

  • 1. Go to %localappdata%.
  • 2. Look for the folder “DigitalEntitlements”.
  • 3. go into the folder and delete everything.
  • 4. Open fivem and log into a new account.
  • 5. Unban.

There is some account that people crack – they sells for around 2-5 usd.

To be honest i have no interest to keep things private. FiveM will patch this soon but try to use it now.

How to Unban on FiveM Global Ban Video Guide


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