Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: Controls

Uncover the functionalities of each control in Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs with our guide for an informed and enjoyable gaming experience.

Check out our guide to learn which controls do what in Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs.

Controls Guide

The game doesn’t seem to offer controller icons, so we’ve featured them in this guide.

Controller Buttons

So I will be using PlayStation 3 Layout to make sure stuff is unambiguous, as e.g. between Nintendo and Xbox the buttons are similar named but at different spots which is annoying to say the least.

These should work with Steam Input off (depending on the controller) or with Steam Input on for any controller that supports it.


  • Cross – Advance
  • Circle – Hide Dialog
  • Triangle – Backlog
  • Square – Auto
  • Start or Select – Skip the entire event
  • R1 (hold) – Fast Forward
  • D-Pad/L-Stick Left/Right – Text Speed


  • Cross (tap) – open Items
  • Cross (hold) – Run
  • Circle – Attack
  • Square – Aim (can be combined with force diagonal)
  • Triangle (hold) – shortcut menu (use L-Stick or D-Pad to select specific options)
  • R1 (hold) – Force diagonal (can be combined with Aiming)
  • R2 (hold) – Dungeon Backlog
  • L2 (hold) – Opens a currently unknown menu
  • Start or Select – (Persistent window with Dungeon Backlog, Dungeon Info, Dungeon Settings and Options)
  • Cross+Square – Yuragi Dash (Auto-Dash until the next Intersection/room/etc)
  • Square (in Items) – Sort (also combines throwing items)
  • L1 – Throw equipped throwing item

TL to Keyboard

Here a List of the Keyboard Buttons and the Controller Buttons:

  • Q – L1
  • E – R1
  • WASD/Arrowkeys – D-Pad and/or L-Stick
  • Y – Cross
  • N – Circle
  • R – Triangle
  • F – Square
  • B – R3
  • Z – L2
  • C – R2
  • I/K – Right Stick up/Down
  • (likely J/L R-Stick Left/Right but so far not used)
  • Tab/Esc – Start/Select

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