Watermelon Game Strategy Tips and Achievements

You can take a look at the information below to learn simple techniques and strategy in Watermelon Game.

Strategy Tips and Achievements

Watermelon game is actually somewhat difficult and not all of the achievements can be earned quickly. For example, 10000 Points can appear impossible to someone without a basic knowledge of the game. This section will review the fundamentals of gameplay and available techniques.

Upgrading Fruit

One pair of merged fruit yields a number of points equal to the value displayed on the wheel. For example, merging a pair of cherries will give 2 points. Merging a pair of watermelons will give 10 points and remove both pairs, leaving nothing behind.


Combos can be easily achieved by merging several pairs at once. Combo streaks expire after roughly 1.5 seconds. Each match in a combo of 2x or more gives one additional point. This value does not scale. For example, a match of 5x will give 4 additional points in total, and a match of 20x will give 19 additional points in total. For this reason, combos are generally not worth chasing after except for achievement purposes.


Powers can be toggled on and off by pressing the number keys 1, 2, and 3, or by right-clicking.

Power Shot

The first power raises the velocity of the fruit you are holding. This can be used in a pinch to move fruits around if necessary, but it is generally not worth it to use this power normally. Instead, it is most useful for making golden fruits.

By aiming a fruit towards the side of the chute, you can cause it to pass the x-axis off the top of the screen. If it succeeds, you will see a small flash of light. Once the fruit falls down, it will delete itself and the first fruit it touches. This strategy is necessary for farming points towards the Make it golden achievements.

NOTE: Golden fruits can also appear randomly at an extremely low chance. Getting a golden fruit “naturally” is the only way to unlock the Golden Fruits achievements, while the Make it golden achievements can only be farmed by creating them yourself.


Your second power can be used to instantly upgrade the first fruit it touches. For this power, it is important to make sure you have a clear line of sight and some extra space surrounding the desired fruit, because the mechanic does not always work perfectly.

The Evolve power is very useful for clearing some of the larger fruits. Because fruits upgraded this way will count as a “match” towards achievements, you never need to have more than one watermelon on the screen at the same time. Use the upgrade power to get rid of it as quickly as possible, otherwise you will miss out on progress towards the 10000 Watermelons achievement.


The third power removes the first fruit it touches. Like the Upgrade power, it is important to create some extra space before using Destroy. This is your most expensive power-up, and for most purposes, it is better to use the Golden Fruit technique to clear up space. This power also cannot be used to grind any achievements or points. Therefore, the Destroy power should only be used if the screen is completely full.

Other Tips

Here is a list of miscellaneous tips that I might update as I think of more:

  • Sometimes it is best not to merge large fruits together immediately. A winning strategy is not to merge all fruits ASAP, and instead focus on creating possibilities.
  • Keep large fruits close together without necessarily merging them immediately, because if they merge on their own it can shuffle the space around a bit and release some stagnant fruits.
  • Small fruits like grapes and cherries can get in the way of larger matches very easily. Try to keep them away from the center of the screen.
  • Do not worry about having too many small fruits at the bottom of the screen, as this is normal and impossible to avoid. However, you should try to avoid having too many small fruits on the screen and get rid of them whenever possible.
  • Merging or upgrading a watermelon will start a timer which ends the game after 5 minutes, unless another watermelon is matched and ends the timer. Once this happens, you will also be able to see the next two fruits coming up, rather than just one. As long as you remain focused on the game, the time limit should not be an issue and you should continue to play the game normally.


Even armed with the knowledge contained in this guide, most of the # of Points achievements will remain practically unattainable. For your sanity, anything above 4000 points should be considered impossible unless you are using cheats. Runs typically do not go further than 1200 points or so, and you should not be discouraged if you have trouble reaching beyond this. However, if you are really determined to get the most difficult achievements on your own, you might be able to reach 8000 after several days of playtime.

I will also mention that this game has hidden achievements. All of these are unlocked through playtime only and can take hundreds of hours to earn. Obviously it will be impossible to get most of these except by idling the game.

This is really a broken game and I don’t know why I decided to write a guide for it. But if you enjoyed it for some reason, please leave positive feedback!

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