ZERO Sievert Tips For Hunters

Welcome to our ZERO Sievert Tips For Hunters guide. Follow the tips in this guide and […]

Welcome to our ZERO Sievert Tips For Hunters guide. Follow the tips in this guide and become an experienced hunter in every raid through every biome in the game.

ZERO Sievert Tips For Hunters

Here is a survival guide we discovered in the bunker when cleaning up a hunter’s cache if you want to die less frequently (even if it’s fairly exciting). How did the hunter fare? That is not important. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the ZERO Sievert game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our ZERO Sievert guide.

Tips and Tricks

Tip 1

Equip your weapon and prepare to fire. Sounds absurd? You will be surprised.
Be sure to reload the ammo each time you respawn. shifted to a different locale? Reload the ammo, as you could have anticipated. There is nothing worse than fighting and running out of ammo while having to take a break to reload!

Tip 2

Unbelievably, avoiding greed reduces the number of deaths.
Do you actually require that pig meat? Stop thinking “Just one more kill!” or “I can fit one more thing into my rucksack” and go toward the extraction site instead.

Tip 3

That takes me to tip # 3. Everybody loves to hoard, right? WRONG! When you can, heal yourself with those medications. Observe the statistics, avoid carrying too much, avoid getting fat, and most importantly, survive.

Tip 4

Start by performing smaller raids.
We’ve all encountered raids in the past, where we were fired at by several bandits in one way and gobbled up by ghouls in the other, which typically meant the game was finished. Accept tiny raids, dispatch a few bandits, complete the day’s good act, and move on.

Tip 5

Checking the location of the extraction points should always be your first step when entering a map. This gives you a head start on deciding which path to pursue in a fleetingly safe environment. You can even put a flag to the location you need to go if you right click on the map.

Tip 6

Then take a nap.
So you don’t have an own bed? Share with one of your hunting companions. Replenish, then venture back out.

Tip 7

The wheel on a mouse.
This one is simple to miss, but when the pop-up tooltip displays, use the mouse wheel to choose different options.

Tip 8

We previously stated ammunition, but here’s a secret: ammunition is present in enemy firearms (I know, obvious!). Once your adversary is dead, discharge the ammunition. Save those bullets, please!

Tip 9

Due to surrounding obstructions, it is important to peek around your corners. You never know where your adversaries might be! And that is how I came to have a scar on my face.

Tip 10

Definitely not! In my opinion, if something moves, shoot it. I’ll leave that up to your conscience, unless it’s Igor. However, it’s advisable to hold back if you do come across an entire army that won’t shoot unless you shoot first. Tricky, but who says staying alive is simple, huh?

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