11-11 Memories Retold – Achievements Guide

Achievements Guide

Part 1 Achievements

Beginnings: Harry’s Path – 4 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 4 Collectibles

  • Out of ammo – Use all your photographic film in one chapter. This can be done in the first room. Just keep taking and saving photos until out of film. Then reload your game.
  • Childhood Friend – Explore Julia’s Room. In the camera shop, walk past the front counter, down the hall, and into the room on the left.

Travel: Harry’s Path – 5 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 4 Collectibles

  • Captain of the Sea – Avoid all the mines

Arrival: Harry’s Path – 4 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 4 Collectibles

  • Pen Pal (Part 1) – Send two pictures to Julia. As Harry, you can send one letter in this chapter
  • Top Floor Please – As Kurt, use one of the lifts on Vimy Ridge.
  • All-in (Part 1) – As Kurt, win a card game on the top level

Above and Below: Harry’s Path – 4 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 4 Collectibles

  • Hello kitty! – Take a picture of Lotty in Vimy trenches. It will show up near the well by Barret’s tent in the first sequence.
  • All-in (Part 2) – As Harry, win a card game.
  • Pen Pal (Part 2) – As Harry, you can send a second letter in this chapter
  • Health Warning – Do business with Joe. Bring cigarettes from the command tent to Joe.

Vimy Ridge: Harry’s Path – 4 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 4 Collectibles

  • My Saviour – As Kurt, there will a quick time event to save Lothar.
  • Invincible – Finish Vimy battle without dying. You may need to lower your gun at the end.
  • Part I Finish Part I
  • Hide and Seek – Find all the collectibles from Part I (If you have the DLC, it adds more collectibles, but these are not needed for any achievements )

Part 2 Achievements

The Collapse – 7 Collectibles

  • Puurrfect – Purr with Lotty. Hold down whatever key you use to meow
  • And Your Enemies Closer... Take a picture of Kurt in “The Collapse”

The Escape – 8 Collectibles

  • Unforgettable Luncheon – Find the hidden food stash in the tunnels with the cat
  • The Pied Piper – Catch a rat in the tunnels. Check the trap after finding the food

Life & Death: Harry’s Path – 7 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 7 Collectibles

  • Goaaaal – With Harry, kick the hidden football into the nearby bucket.
  • All-in (Part 3) – As Harry, win a card game in Paris
  • Feline Therapy – As Lotty, comfort the soldier under the tree
  • Lest we forget – Pull the cart of crosses in the cemetery
  • Closure (part 1) – Find all the lost boys of your village. With Kurt, after the small scene upon your arrival in the cemetery, take control of the cat to comfort the crying soldier (near the tree). You will regain control of Kurt, the soldier will take you to the graves of those belonging to the same regiment as Max. There are 6 graves to examine. Keep the one with the shovel for the end.
  • Dance Revolution – Perform all moves in the Dance sequence

Providence: Harry’s Path – 4 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 5 Collectibles

  • Closure (part 2) – At first, with Kurt, go to the no man’s land / poppy field. This field is divided into two parts. It is important to pay attention. There is before and after the diversion with the cat. Before the diversion, there are several dead soldiers. We must examine all the bodies present.
    There are 8 bodies to find. During your search, Kurt will launch two replicas. After the third body examined:
    – “The corpses of the no man’s land testify to the many battles that have been fought here.
    At first, all the corpses were those of French soldiers. ”
    Then to the eighth body:
    – “I made a decision that day, no matter where these men were born …
    I will not forget them. I will remember each one’s name. ”
    Once this replica obtained, resume your progress to go into the hole and trigger the result.
  • All-in (Part 4) – As Harry, win a card game
  • Closure (part 3) – Back with Kurt, you have to distract two French soldiers with the help of the cat. Once done, go to the big dead tree. There are 3 bodies to examine. Keep the body at the foot of the tree last. In case, wait for the dialogs to finish before examining the next body. It’s just in case. Achievement should unlocked.

Passchendaele: Harry’s Path – 5 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 5 Collectibles

  • Fresh air – Turn off the gas on the battlefield
  • Red Cross – Help Daniel in the zeppelin
  • Jammed – Turn off the german communication
  • So Near and yet so Far – Get to the exit in the church without getting caught
  • Part II Finish Part II
  • Explorer – Find all the collectibles from Part II

Part 3 Achievements

Prisoners – 7 Collectibles

  • Ludicrous Display – Kick the football in the POW camp

Renuion: Harry’s Path – 4 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 9 Collectibles

  • Burn It All – As Kurt, when asked for 2, bring all four wood pieces to the oven
  • Generous – As Harry, give some chocolate to two German soldiers

The Plan – 13 Collectibles

  • Bridge Club – With Henry, win the card game against the old ladies in Kurt’s village
  • All-in (Part 5) – Win the card game for Bridge Club. Should trigger at same time

The Pursuit: Harry’s Path – 6 Collectibles, Kurt’s Path – 4 Collectibles

  • Chekhov’s Gun (Part 1) – Take a photo of the rifle on Kurt’s kitchen wall, later fire the same gun in “Peace”
  • Greengrocer – Take all 4 apples back to Lucie
  • Ghost In The Way – Collide with 20 ghosts or more. You will need to replay this section for The Sorrow
  • The Sorrow – Don’t collide with any ghosts
  • Might is Right – Threaten the soldier three times to learn the truth

Consequences – 2 Collectibles

  • Heart of Darkness – Listen to Barrett at both windows of his house
  • Friendship – Choose to go and save Kurt / Homeward Bound – Go home to Julia – By playing as Harry in Consequences chapter you are given a choice, which leads to two different variations of the last chapter. The first variation (Harry choose to go home to Julia) has 2 endings: Lone Avenger and Forgiven. The second variation (Harry choose to save Kurt) has 5 another endings: Betrayal, Sacrifice, Revenge, Grudge and Peace.

Peace – 2 Collectibles

  • Chekhov’s Gun (Part 2) – Fire the gun in Kurt’s endings, Betrayal or Sacrifice
  • Part III – Finish Part III
  • Adventurer – Find all the collectibles from Part III
  • Historian – Find all the collectibles
  • A Credit To You – See all the credits
  • 100% – Get all trophies

Ending Achievements

Julia Endings

  • Lone Avenger
  • Forgiven

Kurt Endings

  • Peace
  • Sacrifice
  • Revenge
  • Betrayal
  • Grudge

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