Absinthia Walkthrough and Guide

Hello from our Absinthia Walkthrough guide! Absinthia is a turn-based RPG featuring the story of the scorned Knight Freya, her young apprentice Sera, and their individual struggles with loss, betrayal, and acceptance as they fight to protect their home. In this guide, there is information about the ways to follow, nice drops, achievements in the game!

Absinthia Walkthrough and Guide

Welcome to our Absinthia Walkthrough and Guide. In this guide, there is information about the ways to follow, nice drops, achievements in the game!


  • You take control over Sera.
  • Lighten up the 3 torches for Ethel.
  • No you can look at the gravestones with “?” above.
  • At the Gravestone of Sera’s Grandfather you can choose the difficulty.

Now enter the kitchen of the caretaker’s cabin.
Return to Ethel… and Sera wakes up from her nightmare.

Main Quest: Go to Freya in Northwood

Katti Town

  • Items: 15 Gold (Sera’s House), Dictionary (Thomas’ House), Mint Tea (Mayor’s House), 25 Gold (jump over creek), Fire Gem (Shop, pot),
  • Items (Jack’s Mancave): Tonic (pot), Chocolate, Collector’s Knife
  • Items (Cemetry): Buckler (new cabin), Lifespring (pot, old cabin), Thunder Gem (old cabin)
  • Items (Hidden Area #1): Quake Gem, Ether, 20 G
  • You take control of Sera and her friends Thomas and Jake.
  • In the menu you see a summery of your main quest.
  • The Record records automatically all items you find/have equipped and monsters you defeated with all there possible drops.

Check each map for “?” icons, as they indicate treasures, lore or other useful bits.
You can rest for free in Sera’s Bed.

Talk to each NPC and pet at least once and enter each house that is currently available.

In Jack’s Mancave you can defeat your first monster, Fungus.
Then you can obtain your reward, the Collector’s Knife.

  • In the shop you get the information about a closed mine south of Katti Town.
  • Buy at least the Carved Staff for Thomas and obtain a Dry Ether for you first purchase.
  • Before you leave Katti Town, restock on items here.

On the cemetry, defeat the Forest Slimes and Hawk.
To reset the barrels in the old cabin, just leave.
Right behind the new Cabin of the Cemetry Caretaker is the first Hidden Area.

Absinthia Walkthrough and Guide

Katti Cave (optional)

  • Items: Ether (pot), 25 G, Tonic (pot), Thunder Gem, Bronze Ring, Potion (pot), Lever, Candy Bar,
  • Items (Lair of the Skeletal Knight): Mist Potion, Monster Lure, Lucky Charm
  • Mobs: Forest Slime, Blue Jelly, Wolf, Skeleton, Skeletal Knight

One lever is missing a part.
You will get fully restored when level up!
Mobs respawn when leaving the dungeon.
Inverse monster names indicate drops with stat increasing items.
Bolt monster names indicate drops with equipment.

Ride the Minecart without changing the levers, defeat the next bunch of Mobs.
Pull the upper left lever and ride the Minecart.
Repair and pull the 3rd Lever and ride the Minecart.

Beware the Skeletal Knight, it has a revenge skill when dying!

Eastport Bluffs (optional)

  • Items: Frost Gem, Ether (pot), Potion (pot),
  • Items (Hidden Area #2): Mint Tea,

Follow the path further west and run into the mountain.

Behind a tree find the Hidden Area #2.

Absinthia Walkthrough and Guide

You have to fight Ibuki to get her treasure (recommended level on Master Mode: ).
Level 4 is the bare minimum level as you need to blind Ibuki.

You cannot proceed further to the NW yet.


Items: Fire Gem, Tonic (pot),
Mobs: Forest Slime, Fungus, Hawk

The Story will proceed once you talk to Freya at the bridge to the north.
You obtain the Manual and can travel further east.

Sera’s Skilltree

1Riposte, Brave Slash
3Shield Slam
Absinthia Walkthrough and Guide

Thomas’ Skilltree

1Meditate, Impact, Mend Wounds
Absinthia Walkthrough and Guide

Jack’s Skilltree

1Focus, Shuriken
2Flame Pillar
4Pocket Sand
Absinthia Walkthrough and Guide
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