Astroneer – Planet Center

Your Astroneer Planet Center

If you are sensitive to motion sickness, DO NOT attempt to spin around the center. Your character’s feet point towards the center at all times, and this can cause the camera to follow, too.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

So, you’re the adventurous type, huh? Well, I can’t blame you. Here are some steps (some optional, others mandatory) to help you get to your Planet Center.

Step One

Get some kind of way to get oxygen. There are two ways you could do this:

  • Use tethers. This is only recommended if you’re going down the slow but safe way.
  •  Use Oxygen Canisters. Use these if you don’t care if you die, or you’re using the fast but deadly way.

Step Two-A

This is where the path branches off. Step 2-a is the Slow but Safe route, for those who like to adventure, but would rather set up a base when they get there. I recommend at least 2 canisters and a minimum of 6 tether bundles. You should be able to find compound on the way if you use a cave, but if you make your own hole, that’s risky business.

Step Two-B

So, you wanna jump into a death pit and go flying into the center of the planet? Good for you! Path B is your route. This involves literally digging a hole straight down into the center. If you’re doing this on Exotic, then you must literally want to die. Good luck.

Step Three

NOTE: This is mostly for Path A only, and is OPTIONAL

So, you made it to the center. You might notice that the gravity has changed a bit, and if you found the exact center, then you might get motion sickness if you dig a big enough hole. Well, we’re gonna build a base here now! Bring some extenders, because there’s not many ways of getting power when you’re that far down. I’m not gonna tell you how to make a base, considering you should know.



Dig straight down or make a slope.

Now for the scenery!

astroneer planet center 1

astroneer planet center 2

astroneer planet center 3

The End

Well, you either made it to the center and spammed your screenshot button, made it and built some kind of base, or literally just looked at some pictures that might not even be accurate. If you were one of the first two, good job! I hope you’re satisfied with what you got.

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