Resident Evil 2 – Spoilers

Spoilers These are mainly if you’re new, but some may overlook these things. First of all, […]


These are mainly if you’re new, but some may overlook these things.

First of all, don’t be afraid to save, no ink ribbons! Unless you’re playing on Hardcore, and if you are, I doubt you need this guide. But anyway, save away, if you’re struggling on an area, save, then keep doing it until you have done it without spending too much ammo or health.

Obvious, but don’t combine two green herbs together unless you have to in an emergency, as red herb + green herb heals you full. So you’re saving a green herb.

If you’re Claire you can also combine White Gunpowder with normal, it makes acid rounds, in the 2nd run you run into a lot of this, so take advantage and stock up.

Saving Ammo

So early on ammo might not be a problem, but conserve for the future!

To save knives, flashes, or grenades keep your distance, as these can be used to stop big unavoidable hordes, to run or to take out.

Second, for the T-88 be sure to NOT use ammo on him, as he won’t die, just try to avoid him. Although there is an achievement to shoot off his hat.

Tyrant, what do use? Well for the first appearance of the Tyrant DO NOT use grenade rounds, and probably not shotgun either, as pistol works fine, his attacks are pretty easy to dodge.

DO NOT miss lockers! As they behold some good ammo and equipment!

Ammo saver, Time saver and Health Saver:

UTILIZE BOARDS!!! I neglected the boards to board of windows even though it will save time, ammo, and health.

Special Infected Made Easy ”Minor Spoilers”

First of all Lickers. You hate them, you despise them, ammo guzzlers they be. How do to deal with them?

Well, two easy options, one for Claire, and one for Leon, although Claire can use both methods.

For Leon, knife them. Knife? You serious? Yup! For some reason, if you knife licker’s head it completely flinches and you can continuingly slice away at its brains until it dies.

Now Claire may do this also and it’s a really good trick, or you can use incendiary rounds on them from her Grenade Launcher, it kills them in one shot. But I do recommend knife a little more as Grenade rounds are quite useful for other things. But, whatever of these methods for Claire is better and easier for you.

T-88, he’s also annoying as he follows you, boy he’s a creep, right?
Well, you can’t kill him by ammo, until very later on, which you will HAVE to, so don’t use ammo on him as it is a waste. “The last encounter of him, use grenades on him, as it will make it 10x easier as he Staggers with the grenades and if you keep distance he will only do that lounging attack which is the easiest to avoid”

Plant 43 what to and use on them? Incendiary rounds if you’re Claire, or flame thrower if you’re Leon. As this is the ONLY way to permanently kill them.

What about dogs? Well, the shotgun works best for Leon, for Claire SMG may also work, but if you are good at dodging they won’t be much of a problem.

The G bog monsters, what to do on them? Well they’re hard, but you can dodge some of them, so try to do so, I wouldn’t waste ammo on them as they grab you to posion you, don’t waste your self defense items, unless you’re low on blue herbs. If you cure it quick enough it won’t hurt you. So carry them on hand when you see these vile creatures.

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