Atlas How to Craft Ships

Atlas is a vast and fascinating universe full of adventure and discovery. Within this world, players […]

Atlas is a vast and fascinating universe full of adventure and discovery. Within this world, players can embark on a variety of voyages, from exploring mysterious islands to engaging in epic battles with legendary creatures. To aid in these endeavors, players can craft and customize their own ships, which are essential for traversing the vast seas and surviving dangerous encounters.

Crafting an Atlas ship is a complex process that involves gathering resources, constructing a shipyard, and assembling the vessel piece by piece. The level of customization available to players is vast, allowing them to choose everything from the hull type and sail design to the type of cannons and crew members aboard.

With a well-crafted ship, players can set sail on their own personal journey through the world of Atlas, navigating treacherous waters and encountering new challenges at every turn. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, crafting an Atlas ship is an essential part of the experience, and one that can provide hours of thrilling gameplay.

Updated on: 3.23.2023

How to Craft Ships in ATLAS MMO

Crafting ships in ATLAS MMO involves several steps, but here is a general guide on how to do it:

  1. Gather resources: You will need a lot of resources to craft a ship, including wood, thatch, fiber, metal, and more. You can find these resources by gathering them from the environment or by purchasing them from other players.
  2. Unlock the ship blueprint: To craft a ship, you need to unlock the blueprint for that ship. You can do this by gaining the necessary skill points in the game’s skill tree.
  3. Build a shipyard: You will need to build a shipyard to craft your ship. You can do this by placing a shipyard blueprint on a piece of land or on a raft.
  4. Construct the ship: Once you have gathered the necessary resources and unlocked the ship blueprint, you can begin constructing the ship. You will need to use the shipyard to do this, and you will need to follow the blueprint’s instructions carefully.
  5. Install equipment: Once the ship is constructed, you can install equipment like sails, cannons, and other upgrades to make it more powerful and efficient.
  6. Launch the ship: Once the ship is fully equipped, you can launch it into the water and set sail.

Overall, crafting ships in ATLAS MMO is a complex process that requires a lot of resources and careful planning, but it can be very rewarding to have your own powerful ship to sail the seas.

Building a Ship

It is known that you will need to create a dry dock to build a ship, but not much else is known besides that.

Ship hull is crafted at the dock, some parts are made in the smithy and then placed like building in ark to snap points on a platform when looking at the hull sitting in the dry dock.

Types of Ships

  • Rowboat
  • Raft
  • Sloop
  • Schooner
  • Brigantine
  • Galleon
  • Ghost Ship
  • Ship of the Damned


Rafts are one of the small Ships in ATLAS.

Required Ressouces:

  • 125 Fiber
  • 60 Hide
  • 250 Wood

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