Kingdom Two Crowns – How to Win?


It’s a lot easier than you think it may be!

Core Unlocks! (In order of getting)
(Quarry + Iron mine you just get those the second you’re on the island. This is for gem requirements.)

  • Stag
    Useful mount for getting around fast, however only useful for island 2 and then you ditch it.
  •  Gryphon
    Honestly the only mount you really need. The push back ability is great for defense and the stamina is great for exploring the sides. Also having the graze feature anywhere allows for easy adventuring!
  • Archer Statue
    Picking this up ASAP will allow you to have minimal defenses and still survive.
  •  Baker Hermit
    This is extremely needed for the islands where your vagrant camps are far away.
  •  Builder Statue
    This will give your walls a lovely boost that again, allows you to focus on other things rather than upgrading walls! Typically with this upgrade the first stone wall is all you need for awhile.
  •  Knight Hermit
    Nice for spamming three Squires/Knights to send on the boat but this is the only real use.
  •  Unicorn
    Great for Spamming the grazing to get infinite gold! However loses its usefulness during winter and would swap back to Gryphon.
  •  Horn Hermit
    This guy isn’t needed but his upgraded wall is also a nice commodity to have!

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