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So you’ve claimed your territory, begun building a house but there’s no doorframe? This guide will tell you How To Place Doors In Atlas, which uses a very simple toggle mechanic in the game that lets you switch out between the different items you can craft.

There are many different types of materials you can use to craft a house. In the early stages you will likely only be using basic stuff. However, the process of building different types of walls, windows, door frames, it’s all the same, once you figure it out, it’s easy.

How to Place Doors in Atlas

You need to have a Floor in place, usually you can only build in an area you have claimed. You cannot claim areas to build on in Freeports or Lawless zones, so you need to be in an area outside of those. Once your Floor is in place, build a wall but don’t place it right away.
Place the wall where you want your door to go. In the lower left of the screen it will give you an option to press T. This changes the wall type to Doorframe, Window, etc. Make a doorframe, make a door and there you have it. That’s How To Place Doors In Atlas.

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