Beacon Pines Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our Beacon Pines Achievements Guide 100%. Stuck on a specific achievement while wandering around Beacon Pines? This guide will set you on the right Turning Point!

Beacon Pines Achievements Guide 100%

First off, there are NO missable achievements in Beacon Pines, as you can always go back to Turning Points and make choices again!

Second, if you’re particularly stumped on one of the game’s harder achievements but still want to find it yourself, I’ve structured this guide to give hints first before outright spoiling the answer.

The first hint will be more vague, the second will point you in the right direction, and the third will just give you the solution. For example:


  • HINT #1:This is your first hint!
  • HINT #2:This is your second hint!
  • SOLUTION: This is the answer!


Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuideA Charmed Life
Find a Charm
This achievement will unlock once you’ve picked up your first Charm!

Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuideRiddle Me This
Solve a Riddle
This unlocks as you progress through the game!

Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuideThe Big Chill
The Big Chill
This one will unlock after seeing a certain ending!

Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuideClose the Book
Close the Book
Once you finish the game’s Epilogue, this achievement will pop up!

Everything Else

Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuidePlay that Funky Music
Watermelon Bongo

Head south from the Town Square and hit ‘Interact’ on the huge watermelon behind Griffin’s ice cream stand.
Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement Guide
Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuideNerd!!!
Poke around the library

Hit ‘Interact’ on every single bookshelf in the library. There are 7 spots in total.
Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement Guide
Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuideMelon Kicker
Find a way to kick a melon

  • HINT 1: There’s got to be another way to hit the watermelon besides your hands!
  • HINT 2: Maybe if they were already occupied?
  • SOLUTION: Choose ‘STRUGGLE’ at the Warehouse of Horrors Turning Point. Once you hit Chapter 3, Gran will instruct you to make jam deliveries across town. While you still have the basket in your hands, head back to the huge watermelon behind Griffin and hit ‘Interact’ on it.

Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuideBorn in a Barn
Born in a Barn

  • HINT 1: Your parents might’ve told you this at some point.
  • HINT 2: They might’ve said it after you left something open.
  • SOLUTION: During Chapter 1, head into the kitchen and leave the icebox open. After that, make sure you select the ‘S**T’ charm at the Rendezvous with Roxy Turning Point. Once you make it to Chapter 3 and Gran is about to head out the door, she’ll make a comment on how you left the icebox open. The achievement will unlock once she leaves.

Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuidePop goes the Weasel
Out with a Bang

  • HINT 1: A certain choice might lead to an unfortunate end.
  • HINT 2: It might require a little malice on your part.
  • SOLUTION: At the ‘Vile Vial’ Turning Point, choose the ‘MALICE’ Charm to get an alternative ending. Pop goes the Sharper!

Beacon Pines - 100% Achievement GuideAgile Angler
Catch all the “fish”

Interacting with the chair near the pond will take Luka into a flashback, where he recounts a time when he fished here with his father. Certain Charms you collect throughout the story will give you different baits to fish up different objects. There are 8 in total:

  • TICKLE: You get this right at the beginning of the game, after sneezing away the dandelions.
  • JUNK: During Chapter 1, go to the kitchen and check the drawer to get this Charm.
  • PULL: In Chapter 2, head out to the balcony of the tree house and look at Rolo’s antenna.
  • SMACK: Hitting the watermelon behind Griffin at any time will unlock this!
  • CLING: After using the ‘S**T’ Charm at the Rendezvous with Roxy Turning Point, head into town and talk to Yisun, who will be outside of the History Museum tent south of the town square.
  • STRUGGLE: Using the ‘STRANGE’ Charm during the Hazardous Hectoring Turning Point will net you this Charm.
  • PUNGENT: Use the ‘RUMBLE’ Charm at the Whether Weather Turning Point. Once you’re in Beck’s room, check the flowers by her desk.
  • CROOKED: At the M.C.D.C. Turning Point, choose the ‘FLIGHT’ Charm. Before checking out the hole leading to The Source, look at the sign above the Town Hall in the Town Square.

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