HYPER DEMON Beginner Guide

Welcome to our HYPER DEMON Beginner Guide. A guide explaining basic mechanics from HYPER DEMON as well as some more hidden ones that aren’t explained in the training section.

HYPER DEMON Beginner Guide

A guide explaining basic mechanics from HYPER DEMON!

Basic Mechanics


If you’ve already played devil daggers, you’ll probably feel weirded out by hyper demon’s scoring system at first. You don’t need to survive as long as possible to advance in the leaderboards: you need to score by killing enemies in a quick succession. You are losing points at a steady pace at all times, but killing enemies gives you points back, and killing a lot of them very quickly will give you even more points.


You can hold left click to fire a constant stream of daggers, or tap left click to fire shotgun shots. With right click you can grab big gems and green bombs (more on this later).


If you press space, you jump. If you press space while in the air, you will either do a dash if you’re pressing any of the directional keys, or do a stomp if you’re not moving (note that the taller your height is, the bigger your stomp radius is as well). You can also slide if you hold the spacebar while dashing, and finally, you can dodge enemy attacks by pressing space while an enemy has glowing eyes.

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Damage Upgrades

After you’ve killed enough enemies, a damage upgrade will appear in the center of the arena. You can pick it up by just moving close to it, or you can suck it in with right click and get an extremely powerful laser shot (sacrificing the upgrade). At first this seems a pretty bad choice but it’s pretty useful for scoring quickly.


All of the enemies (except spawners and small skulls) drop gems when you kill them. Also, if you’re firing daggers, the gems will stop dead in the air. Once you stop firing, they’ll all go flying to you. So take that into account if you have to decide between picking the gems up or sucking them in (more on this later). When you pick them up, you shoot extra projectiles when you fire. The amount of extra shots you have left will be indicated by the gems around your wrist.

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There are also big gems dropped by the spawners that you can grab with right click to move around as you want, or shoot to get 3 small gems, but they also have 2 offensive uses. First, you can dash through them. This can be used to gain height very quickly, or also to kill scuttles by dashing through them (even if they aren’t stunned). The other offensive use is to shoot at the big gem with a laser, releasing homing projectiles everywhere. I’ll try to explain this better in the next section of the guide, since i haven’t even begun with the laser yet.

You can also suck the small gems in while holding right click, and shoot a laser after releasing right click (the most fun option). The amount of gems you suck in is very important, since it determines your damage output and which enemies you can kill.


Since the laser is such an important part of the game it deserves its own section entirely.
As said earlier, you can suck gems in holding right click, which will allow you to fire a laser.
Regardless of the amount of gems you suck in, with the laser you can 1shot some enemies like snakes (by shooting them in the head) or spawners (by shooting at the big gem inside it). You can also shoot at the green bombs, which will increase the explosion radius.

But the best way to kill enemies in a quick succession is by always trying to suck in at least 3 gems, which will allow you to kill almost any group of enemies. Not because you’ll get a damage output to your laser, but because you’ll be able to ricochet the laser off the ground and fire at multiple enemies at once.
You can go to the training menu to try this out. The most important thing about the ricochet is that you get a sound cue indicating you’re about to hit the ricochet correctly. If not, you’ll just shoot a laser at the ground and waste gems, so it’s pretty important.

You can also suck in multiple small gems even while they’re getting sucked in by the spiders. You just need to hold right click, look at each gem individually and press left click each time the purple highlight comes up. This is great for gathering at least 3 gems without needing to go kill the spider.

One thing that the game doesn’t even tell you in the training section, is that you can chain laser shots incredibly fast. The best way to try this is to shoot a laser at a snake’s head, and immediately start holding right click again. By doing that, you can instantly suck in the gem of the snake you’ve killed and use it for a laser shot. You can chain this with any other thing that dies of 1 laser shot and drops gems, like big skulls or stunned scuttles.

It’s time to talk about the big gems now. You already know that you can get 3 small gems by shooting at them (which is fine) but you can also do something much cooler. By shooting at a big gem with a laser, it will explode and send homing shots flying everywhere. The more gems you’ve sucked in for the laser shot, the better the homing shots will be.

Remember how you can sacrifice the damage upgrades by holding right click while going through it and getting a powerful laser shot instead? The best use for this laser is to shoot it straight at a big gem. Since the shot is so powerful, the homing shots from the big gem will go flying everywhere and killing a ♥♥♥♥ ton of enemies. This is extremely useful for getting a lot of points really quickly. You can also grab/drop the big gem by holding/releasing left click while you’re holding right click. You can even do it while charging a laser, so you can go grab the damage upgrade laser, grab a big gem, drop it in front of you and the release the laser.


You can see the enemies glitched out when they are about to spawn. You can go through them in this state but if you’re inside you’ll die as soon as they spawn. So just watch the “holograms” to choose which enemy you want to kill next.


The first enemy in the game. The name is pretty obvious: it spawns enemies (a group of small skulls and a big skull) and holds a big gem inside. If you kill it quickly enough, no skulls will spawn. The best way that i know to do this is to hold left click at first and then firing a shotgun shot like 2 seconds later.

You can also instantly kill it with lasers: if you’ve sucked 3 gems in, aim at the ground in front of the spawner (and in front of you) until you hear the ricochet sound cue, and release the laser.

You can also instantly kill it in 2 different ways.

The first way is to shoot at the big gem inside of it with any amount of lasers, but beware: you will lose the big gem if you do this. It can be very useful if you’re getting swarmed and need to kill spawners quickly, but avoid it if you can since getting the big gem is very important too.

The second way is to dash through the big gem. To do this safely, you should be at least 2 rocket jumps high in the air. Any lower than that and you’l probably just get killed for touching the spawner.

Small Skulls and Big Skulls

Small skulls follow you around. You can kill them with almost anything, but you already know that. The only useful tip i have for this is to just go in circles like in devil daggers to avoid getting swarmed with skulls. If you keep going in circles, they’ll probably never catch up.

Big skulls are like small skulls, but much faster and drop a gem after death. You should also go in circles to avoid them but they’ll catch up to you a lot easier than the small skulls, so be careful.


Very dangerous. They’ll cover a lot of the arena and can kill you very easily. The best way to avoid them is to rocket jump as far as you can, but to kill them you need to shoot them in the head. If they’re not looking at you, just keep shooting and eventually they’ll turn around and be much easier to kill, either with normal shots or laser/ricochet shots. They’ll also always go around the damage upgrades, so if you see a damage upgrade beam coming up, you should probably start rocket jumping in advance to avoid them in the future.

You can also stun them with a stomp if you’re high enough. It’s pretty useful because once they’re stunned, you can pretty easily kill the 3 heads with one shotgun shot. You should know though that if you stun them, they will rise their heads from the ground for a moment, so you should be aiming higher than normal after you do the stomp.


Probably the most annoying and dangerous enemy in the game besides the snakes. When you damage them they get stunned for a moment, and if you’re close to them, as soon as they recover they’ll go flying in the air and then try to kill you EXTREMELY quickly. So be very cautious when near stunned scuttles. These mf’s can also kill you while they’re stunned if they fall on top of you while you’re standing on the ground. The best way to counter this is to jump, dash or slide: being in the air, dashing or sliding makes any stunned scuttle that touches you die in an instant.

The easiest way to deal with them is with the ricochet. If you have 3 gems sucked in and aim correctly, you’ll stun the 3 scuttles at the same time. As soon as you do this, you need to dash and slide to the scuttle nearest to you. As soon as you touch one while sliding you’ll fly straight up to the air, and that’s when you need to dash and slide again. That way you can kill them with 3 smooth slides.

That being said, this can sometimes be dangerous. If one of the scuttles is too far from the other two and you know you won’t slide there in time, just start shooting at it to keep it down and eventually kill it if possible. You can also stun them with a stomp, but it’s kinda situational.

Another way of dealing with them is to dash through the big gem and then dash through the 3 scuttles (even if they aren’t stunned) consecutively.


They hold 3 gems that you need to shoot in order for them to die. While they’re alive, they’ll suck in all the gems in the air. After sucking 3 gems in, they’ll drop a green bomb, which you can grab with right click to throw around or shoot with a laser to instantly kill the spider and anything near it with the explosion. It’s kind of a good payoff for losing some gems, but since they make sucking gems in for yourself a lot harder (you have to grab each gem individually instead of sucking them in all together) it’s always best to kill them when possible. There are two main ways to kill them.

You can dash+slide under them and get behind them. They’ll immediately drop to the ground and start facing their gems towards you. If it’s in the ground, once you shoot at 1 gem, it will turn around and start facing you with another gem, so it makes killing them very easy since you only need to keep firing at their gem (it’s always the same spot).

Or you can kill them in a more stylish and efficient way: ricochet. If you have 3 gems sucked in, you can dash+ slide under the spider, but as soon as you’re below it, move the camera to the ground and release right click WHILE you’re sliding. It may be tricky to pull off at first but it’s very satisfying once you get the hang of it.


It will show up after you’ve killed enough enemies. It’s very dangerous since it moves fast af, but the good thing is that all other enemy spawns stop as soon as it comes out. So when you see it, try to kill all other enemies first to then deal with it safely. You should just follow its body as soon as its head goes up and scrape all the bones off. Since it’s so thin and fast it’s very hard to kill it in the first scrape, so just try to scrape it a few times. Each time you finish a scrape though, you should dash away since it will probably catch up to you otherwise. Also, if you see a green bomb/ big gem around, try to explode it with a laser near the centipede, it will make scraping it much easier.

Extra note: when the centipede dies, it drops its head, and you can grab it and use it like big gems / green bombs. It also works the same way as a big gem, but kinda differently. If you shoot at it, it will drop a lot of gems, but if you shoot at it with a laser, it will send ricochet shots flying everywhere. So when you see a centipede come up, it’s a good idea to keep a few small gems flying around while you’re scraping it (avoid picking them up), to instantly suck them in as soon as the centipede dies and shoot at its head with a laser. You can also keep a big gem around and combine it with the centipede head however you want (shoot at the centipede head and then laser the big gem, and viceversa).

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