Bendy and the Ink Machine – Achievements Chapter 1

A guide to obtaining all current available achievements in chapter one of Bendy And The Ink […]

A guide to obtaining all current available achievements in chapter one of Bendy And The Ink Machine: Moving Pictures.

A kick right in the childhood by what I can only describe as a bootleg version of 1950’s Walt Disney. The graphics are purposefully grainy and the artwork is almost like Mickey Mouse but not quite, which is just right for that Tesco value quality you’ve been craving.

This game has light-hearted jump scares, PG horror scenes and satanic undertones; all washed down with ink. Lots of ink.

Now that we’ve got the formalities over and done with, lets achieve!

BATIM – Achievements Chapter 1

Picking Up The Pieces

In order to get this achievement, you will need to hunt around and collect six items.
Below I’ve included a list of some of the places in which these items are likely to spawn and pictures of the items too. For now, I’ll go through how to begin the task Turn On The Machine. You may see some of the items while walking around initially however, you won’t be able to pick them up until you’ve activated the task. Your current objective is Find The Ink Machine.

When you (Henry) first enter the game you will spawn at the end of a hallway in the old workshop. Walk towards the room at the end and turn right. Once you’ve done this, follow the next corridor round until you see a room with a sign above it reading “Ink Machine”. Walk into this room and your character will say “So this is the Ink Machine, huh? Wonder how you turn it on.” Your objective now is to Turn On The Machine

From here you want to leave the Ink Machine room and head left into the Break Room. This is a large room containing six pedestals, behind each of which is a picture hinting towards the item that needs to be placed upon each one. You will now be given the objective “Fix The Machine”. In order to do this you must first find all six items.

The Taste Of Home

You can earn The Taste Of Home by collecting all cans of bacon soup that you find on your travels. Unfortunately, I’m not posting all of the locations these can be found. Just be sure to check all shelves, desks, cabinets and floor spaces; not forgetting to open every door possible as some are cupboards full of bacon soup. If you get to the end of chapter one and haven’t earned it, you haven’t found all of the cans.

Crooner Tuner

This is an achievement you can find hidden behind one of the many doors along the numerous corridors that you stumble upon while playing the game. But which door?! This door is found on the left hand side of the corridor when heading towards the Ink Machine room. This door stands out from the rest as when you first see it there is light streaming out from the crack beneith it. At this point you will not be able to get inside as the door is locked to begin with.

In order to unlock the door you must first visit the Break Room. This is the room with the six pedestals in. Once you have visited this room you will be given the objective Fix The Machine which involves you hunting out the six hidden items needed to “help appease the gods”.

Once you have started this objective the door will now be unlocked. If you’re looking in the right place at the right time when heading back down the corridor you might spot the light under the door suddenly shutting off. Spooky! Now you may open the door and go inside.

Now that you’re in the room you will see an old radio sitting on the side. It doesn’t light up like other objects that you can interact with do when you look at them, nevertheless, go over and interact with it. It will switch on and you will have earned yourself another achievement.

The Creator

The Creator is an achievement that you can obtain right after increasing the ink pressure and flipping the switch in the Break Room. If you take a small detour into Boris’ Room after leaving the Break Room before heading off to your next objective, you can earn this achievement by walking through the wall behind Boris. In the image below I have circled the wall to walk through.

Upon walking through this wall you will see a crudely drawn cartoon man standing in a box room and BAM! … Another achievement. You can’t interact with him and he doesn’t do anything. I won’t include a picture of him, I’ll leave that as a surprise for you.

The Past Speaks

You can earn The Past Speaks achivement by finding and playing all of the recorded messages on the audio logs in chapter one. Below I have included a description of where each one can be located. There are just two.

Wally Franks This one is in the Narrowed Room on a shelf between the two cupboards. On this recording he talks about the six items needed in order to “help appease the gods.

Thomas Connor Can be found towards the end of the chapter when you’re running back towards the exit. After falling through the floor you will land in a room full of ink with shelving on one wall. This audio log can be found on one of the shelves.

After listening to both of these you will be presented with The Past Speaks achievement.

Hello Bendy

The Hello Bendy achievement is earned as part of the story. Towards the end of the chapter, after you have flipped the switch in the Break Room completing the Restore Ink Pressure objective, you will head back towards the ink machine and begin the Run To Exit objective. The pathway into the Ink Machine room that was open before is now blocked as it has been boarded up. Despite there being no clear path through, I still urge you to edge towards it.

A different version of Bendy to who you’ve seen in the pictures will now jumpscare you and attempt to grab you from beyond the planks. The halls become very dark and ink will start flooding in. Run back towards the place you spawned from at the very beginning.

Unfortunately, no exit for you. Before reaching the door, the floor will fall away from under your feet and you will plummet into a room quickly filling with ink below, but hey! You’ve earned another achievement… silver linings and all that…

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