Bendy and the Ink Machine – Secrets

The Chapter 3 Boss Battle Secrets

In Chapter 3, you can unlock a boss battle by turning the ink blob in the Heavenly Toys Workshop into Boris, take the angel path, and don’t die for the rest of the chapter. During the mission where you have to destroy the Bendy cutouts, unlock the boarded up door with the axe on Level 9. Destroy all the cutouts on Level K, and when Alice tells you to go to Level 14, go into the room you unlocked, and you’ll find a second axe. Take the axe, and go to Heavenly Toys. You’ll find some boards. Destroy the boards, and you’ll find three switches. Flip the first switch, and a horde of searchers will spawn. Kill all of them. It takes 2 hits with the axe to kill one, and flip the next switch. A ton of Butcher Gang members will appear. It takes about 3 hits to kill one of them. Instead of killing all of them, run to the Little Miracle Station, and wait for Bendy to spawn. Bendy will kill all of the remaining Butcher Gang members. Once Bendy leaves, go to the next switch. Flip it, and a giant searcher will spawn. It’s easiest to fight it on the stairs. Watch out for Bendy, though. Once you kill the searcher, you’ll hear rumbling. Nothing will happen, though.

Chapter 2 Boss Secrets

In Chapter 2, you can find another boss battle. After you squish Jack Fain and turn the second valve, don’t go to Sammy’s office. Instead, go to the room that Henry spawned in. The room with the pentagram. You’ll find a searcher with a miner’s hat. It takes 4 hits with the axe to kill it, but it can kill you in three hits. Something you can do with the searcher is lead it to the room you squished Jack Fain in, and squish the searcher. You’ll get a hidden jumpscare that looks like the ones from Chapter 4. There is a strange glitch where you lead the Minr Searcher to Sammy’s office, flip the Pump Control switch, and when Sammy knocks you out, the searcher will kill you, taking you to the ink tunnel, but instead, during the rest of the chapter, the area where Sammy takes you to looks like the jumpscares from Chapter 4, and when searchers spawn. They won’t attack you. Even Bendy can’t kill you.

Unlikely Victory

In Chapter 4, you can kill Boris with the plunger. What you have to do is power the haunted house, and go back to the Maintenance room, the room where you found Norman. Go to the chest next to the switch, and it’ll open. Grab the wheel, and continue. When you fight Boris, Instead of a Gent Pipe, you’ll get a plunger. It still takes 3 hits to kill Boris, like the pipe. You’ll also get an achievement.

The Scythe

In Chapter 5, there is a secret weapon. Here is what you have to do to get it: Your adventure starts in Chapter 2. Look at the section with the Miner Searcher on how to do this, but squish the Miner Searcher, and there is one of those jumpscares, again. and proceed normally until the Chapter 3 boss battle. When you kill the Giant Searcher, another jumpscare will play, and in Chapter 4, you need to get the shelful of Empty Bacon Soup cans, and kill all 3 Butcher Gang members, kill Bertrum, kill the Projectionist, and kill Boris with those Empty Bacon Soup cans. There is a section in this guide on how to get the empty cans. When you kill Boris with the cans, another jumpscare will play. And finally, in Chapter 5, don’t die until you get the first thick ink in the Adminstration area. Agrovatte all 3 Butcher Gang members, and quickly make the first pipe. Since Bendy shows up, the Butcher gang people will die. Get the last 2 pipes, and when you open the door, go back to the
room in the Adminstration area where the wall is torn off, and there will be a scythe in the boulders. Some searchers will spawn, but you can kill them. Go to Joey’s office, and open the door if you had not already. A searcher with a Sammy Lawrence mask will appear, and when you kill it, another jumpsare will play. Play the rest of the chapter normally, but DON’T DIE!! If you die, then you’re screwed. When you go back to Chapter 1, then you have to go to the break room, and the boards will be gone, and the trapdoor will be open. Go down there, and you’ll find an Ink Tunnel, like the area when Henry goes when he dies. Go to the light, and you will respawn at the beginning, but everything will be in black and white. You can play through the whole game like this, and you will also have the seeing tool from Chapter 5.

Those were all of the hidden secrets that I’ve found. You can’t access the Chapter 3 boss fight with the Tommy Gun, but you can still break the boards.

bendy and the ink machine secrets

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  1. I couldn’t get the glitch in Chapter 2 to work. I lured the miner into the office, but he disappeared when I flipped the switch.

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