Bendy and the Ink Machine – Chapter 5 The Last Reel Walkthrough

Chapter 5 – The Last Reel Walkthrough Henry awakes in Allison Angel and Tom’s safehouse, listening […]

Chapter 5 – The Last Reel Walkthrough

Henry awakes in Allison Angel and Tom’s safehouse, listening to a song that Allison was singing as she paints ink messages on the wall. Henry starts talking to her, that says that doesn’t remember her name and that people call her Alice, and she states that she is not an angel. When Henry wakes up he sees Tom being asked by Allison Angel to keep an eye on Henry as she leaves. After that, he sits on a chair and begins to hit his arm with Axe, threatening him. In the next scene, Allison gives Henry Bacon Soup in a bowl after stating that is the only thing edible that she finds and that she thinks that Henry might be hungry, after she leaves Tom breaks it by throwing it on the floor, beginning to publicly show his dislike for Henry.

After that Tom walks away. In the next scene, Allison and Tom seem to be arguing with each other. After that, he is seen sitting on the table, while Allison repairs his mechanical arm, stating that it’s just a matter of time before “Bendy” finds them. After that, he and Allison discuss the Ink Demon outside their base. Allison stated that they can’t just leave Henry there. Allison tries to break the wooden planks that Henry is trapped behind, but Tom places a gentle hand on Allison’s shoulder, reassuring her that she did all she could.

Henry then uses the device that Allison gave to him to find a secret room in the prison and finds a pulp that he uses to break the plates in the door. Henry then escapes his prison, traversing through a series of tunnels where he is attacked by multiple Searchers. Henry then witnesses Allison and Tom departing on a barge across the Inky River. Henry follows suite and boards the second barge. He must then navigate his way through avoiding the giant hand that emerges from the ink and chases him. Henry arrives the Lost One’s Village, where he encounters Sammy Lawrence, who violently attacks him. After knocking off Sammy’s mask, Henry is thrown to the ground by him and is almost killed.

Fortunately, Tom sneaks up behind Sammy and digs his axe into Sammy’s head, killing him for good. Henry, Tom and Allison then proceed to fight a horde of Searchers and Lost Ones. After this intense battle, Allison cuts down a door and the three continue on. Not long after, they come across an unstable looking set of planks, Henry moves to cross them but falls down. He lands in the Administration area. His next objective is to obtain three pipes from the maze of offices and hallways. Within these halls the Butcher Gang are lurking and searching for Henry. He sneaks past them collecting the Ink and bringing it back to the Ink Maker where he constructs three pipe pieces. After he has fixed the ink circulation, Henry proceeds to the Vault.

As he enters the Vault, Allison and Tom arrive after descending the chasm using Allison’s trusty rope. The three of them goes to the Ink Machine to a path that resembles the Chapter 1’s location (with Henry’s old desk) and came across the Ink Demon that walks slowly by a hall with a wall made of glass. Henry then has to enter alone the Ink Machine because of the ink river that surrounds the machine, which maybe causes Allison and Tom be pushed back to it. Henry finds a Throne made with Ink where a Joey Drew audio log to him is located. At the end of this, Henry takes a reel named “The End” and is attacked by “Bendy” that transforms into a Beast version of himself that attacks Henry.

Henry then runs from this new form of “Bendy” from all the Ink Machine, turning on switches and breaking tubes where ink flows by. Henry returns to the Ink Throne where he places the reel in a projection that makes all the screens pass the last and lost episode of the Bendy Show. The Beast Bendy is then caught by the reel and is killed by a strange and strong light coming from the projector, killing it once and for all.

Henry wakes up in Joey Drew’s house, where he talks to his old friend that says how Henry has a perfect family and he only has a ruined empire, he states that Henry might see how the studio ended after all those years and Henry opens a door, where he enters the studio, going back to Chapter 1.

Chapter 5 – Passive Achievements

Shadows and Suffering – Discover what’s living below.

  • Complete the fight with Allison and Tom.

Pipes and Problems – Find a new way through.

  • Complete the pipe puzzle in the Film Vault.

To Hell and Back – Complete the Main story.

  • Complete the Main story.

Chapter 5 – Completionist Achievements

Goldbricking – Let the others do the work.

  • When Allison and Tom are fighting the Searchers and Lost ones, just don’t do anything.
  • Allison and Tom will remember that.

Standing Proud – Find out where you belong.

  • After completing chapter 5 and unlocking the archives, go to Henry Stein’s Pedestal and stand there for a couple seconds.

A Sweet Discovery – Say hello to an old friend.

  • After completing the pipes puzzle, open the Vault door but don’t go in. Look for the Boris poster in the Butcher Gang place near Joey’s room and walk through it.
  • Meet theMeatly.

Valued Employee – Go for a longer walk.

  • For getting this achievement, you have to complete the pipes puzzle without being seen by any monster of the Butcher Gang.
  • Remember they don’t react to sound, so you can hide inside the Little Miracle Station.
  • Beware of windows or small rooms, they can see you through them.
  • Also, they don’t move like the Projectionist, if you take the ink, they won’t run to the place where you are.
  • Try to take the left way the three times, as it can be seen in the video. (This is because the achievement says “longer walk”, and that’s the left way).
  • You’ll have to try a few times, they say some glitches prevent you to get the achievement.

Agression – Bathe in Violence.

  • Don’t die by either Sammy Lawrence or any of the Searchers and Lost ones.

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