Dynasty Warriors 9 – How Make the Controls on Keyboard & Mouse

I have always played Dynasty Warriors on a controller but DW9 has some rough issue with it sensetive camera I know there a dead zone configuration but still dose it so making this guide due to this comfrotable way I can play DW9 on keyboard.

How Make the Controls on Keyboard & Mouse

Action Menu Controls

The hard part I had configure this was the Trigger attack and Special attack but finally figured it out got set the item menu to keyboard (reccomend) this way when set the controls for items it be used for Z, X, C, and V.

Action Controls

  • Move (Forward, Back, Left, Right) W, S, A, D
  • Move Camera (Up, Down, Left, Right) I, O, U, P
  • Lock-on R
  • Aim Bow Down Arrow
  • Sprint Shift
  • Flow Attack J (Left Click) This is probably Default
  • Crouch K (Right Click) Same for this one also
  • Jump Space
  • Musou Attack l (Wheel button click)
  • Block E
  • Evade F
  • Summon Mount G
  • Use item Up Arrow
  • Switch item left and right (Left and Right arrow)
  • Toggle Mini Map Tab
  • Menu Esc
  • Trigger Attack (stun, launch, knock down) 1, 2, 3
  • Special Attack 4 (it’ll feel like a RPG now haha)
  • Item Shortcut (1, 2, 3, 4) Z, X, C, V

So yea that how Action Controls are set now got get Menu Controls or make the Action feel werid playing with. Also took me a long time to figure out how the hell talk to the NPC’s with Left click and finally figured it out lol so here my Menu Controls if set all up this way you’ll beable to left click to talk NPC and confirm with it.

Menu Controls

  • Confirm Enter
  • Back Esc
  • Function 1, 2 K, J (Right click, Left click)
  • Select Up, Down, Left, Right (W, S, A, D)
  • Move Cursor Up, Down, Left, Right (Up arrow, Down arrow, Left arrow, Right arrow)
  • Switch 1 Left and Right Q, E
  • Switch 2 Left and Right Z, C
  • Reset Crusor Backspace (Wheel click)
  • Rotate Up, Down, Left, Right T, G, F, H
  • Exit Menu Space
  • Sort M

And that my setting these setting controls not for everyone but thought I would share that comes close to feeling comfortable on Keyboard/Mouse I hope you like it.

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