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Atlas MMO Game Biomes Guide

Depending on where certain starting locations are, they can have different Biomes. These biomes change the Creatures, Resources, and weather of islands in that region.

Desert – Hot, barren, environment, where Fiber is abundant. Aggressive creatures can be frequent including Tigers, Giant Snakes, Rattle Snakes, etc.

  • High Desert
  • Low Desert


  • Western Tropics
  • Eastern Tropics

Temperate – Tropical environment including more trees and brush with a moderate, warmer temperature.

  • Western Temperate
  • Eastern Temperate

Equatorial – Runs across the center of the map.

Tundra – Colder environment. (Needs more info)

  • Western Tundra
  • Central Tundra
  • Eastern Tundra

Polar – Runs across the top and bottom of the map.

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