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Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine Intro

Welcome! In this Guide, i will show you how to get through Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine…and get you through it alive. Be sure to leave a like if you found it helpful! If something is not accurate notify me and i will fix it.

Moving Pictures Walkthrough

When you first enter the Chapter, “Moving Pictures” will appear in Large letters. When they disappear, get ready to have your childhood ruined. Your character will speak and then feel free to walk around and explore a little. You will notice a light on under a locked door, do not try to unlock it yet, as you will not be able to get into it. Right after the locked door, you will see the Ink Machine. Go into the room and you will trigger the player saying a line. At this point, you should find the “Break Room”, or the room with the 6 pedastils. This will once again trigger the player saying another line and now your objective is to find the 6 items needed.

Picking Up the Peices

On to the peices needed to restore the power. Once walking into the Break room, your player will trigger a line and your objective is to find certain objects to turn on the main power. The 6 peices include the following: A Wrench, A Cog, A Record, A Ink Bottle, A Bendy Plush and A Book. These peices can be found in a huge variety of places. ( I forgot some places so dont go insane if i didnt mention a spot or two)
After about 5 updates, the locations have been moved, so this sectionn might be under construction while I find them

  • Let’s Start with the Wrench:
    Inside of Boris’s Guts
  • Now to the Cog:
    In the Ink Machine room, in the chest that held one of the dry cells
  • Next up, The Record:
    In the small music room, under the desk
  • Now that messy Ink Bottle:
    In the newly added drawing area, under the one table with the changing Bendy, with the light on it
  • The cute Bendy Plushy:
    In the Projector Room, on one of the chairs
  • And lastly, The Book:
    In the Break Room, on the table with projector reels and books

And there are all of the spots so far!

Hello Bendy

Once finding all of the peices, you will be required to turn on the ink flow. You will have to go to the projector room near Wally’s recording room. When walking down the hallway, a Bendy cut-out will suddenly pop out from behind the corner and go back in. Keep walking till you get to the room. When inside, the projector will turn on, showing a dancing Bendy with music in the background. Go around the corner to turn on the ink flow. After doing this, you will have to make your way back to the Break Room.

Turn on the Main Power to get the ink machine running. (If you would like to get “The Creator” achievement, go to the section titled “The Creator”.) When heading back to the ink machine, you will notice it has been baorded up… but by what, or whom? when you walk up to the boards, you will be jumpscared by Bendy, and will try to grab at you. If you turn around, you will notice that ink is coming out of everywhere and doors have appeared to the other hallways.

This is telling you to follow the path back to only one spot, The Exit door. Run back this way and you’re free! Or at least what you think. When you are alomost out, the floor collapses under your feet and you fall into a lower section of the building. Start walking down the stairs to find a room with wood planks, an axe, and the words “THE CREATOR LIED TO US” smeared in ink.

Pick up the axe to get through the hallway with wood blocking the way. Chop this to find a door. Open this and you will find a Satanic Circle on the floor. Walk up to this to see three flashbacks: The ink machine, a wheelchair,and Bendy at your desk. Then you will faint. Congratulations! You have beaten Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine!

The Creator

This will explain how to get the acheivement, “The Creator” for Chapter 1. Once you have tunred on the Ink Flow and the Main Power, go into Boris’s room. You will notice ink coming out of Boris’s stomach. If you look to the right if you are facing Boris from the doorway, you will see a poster. if you walk towards this poster, you will notice you can go right through the poster. When walking through this, you will see a odd looking figure with a long body, round head, and skinny arms. This is theMeatly himself…or herself….I don’t know. When walking up to theMeatly, the player will trigger the voice line, “What the heck is this?”. After this is triggered, congrats!

You have got the achievement!

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