Brawlhalla – Refining Your Skills

Brawlhalla is an online fighting game loved by thousands. Though learning how to play it is […]

Brawlhalla is an online fighting game loved by thousands. Though learning how to play it is easy, learning how to play it with skill is a challenge! If you’re looking to learn refine your skills on playing it, this is what you’re looking for.

Refining Your Skills

1. Practice Brawlhalla often to get better at it. If you want to win battles, you’ll have to have skill! A few methods to get better at the game include:

  • Playing normal online battles, whether it’s Ranked, Free-for-All, Custom, or whatever else you prefer.
  • Practicing your moves in Training mode, which can be reached by clicking on Offline Play
  • Playing against the computer in Tournament or Couch Party mode, which is also reached by clicking Offline Play

2. Always make sure you watch damage meters. Damage meters play a very important part in mastering Brawlhalla. These are meters that can be seen in the upper right-hand corner and they show how much damage a player has taken. The meter begins with the color white, meaning not damaged; yellow, meaning damaged but not heavily; orange, mean damaged; and then it changes to dark red, this color being heavily damaged.

When a player is not damaged very heavily, you have to hit them to make their meter get redder and redder. Yellow means they are not easy to knockout yet. If they have been quite damaged, they will be far easier to knockout using a heavy attack, or an attack with high knockback. In other words, they become much more vulnerable to knockouts.

  • While heavy attacks (or signature attacks) may be tempting to use, use light attacks to damage your opponent(s) when they are still in the yellow, or white, because of how fast they are to use, and how it is much easier to get out of the way. Once they are more vulnerable, lean towards using heavy attacks to knock them out!
  • Some weapons are easier to use when it comes to light attacks compared to others. Weapons such as gauntlets, katars, the spear, and the cannon are often better if you’re trying to damage your opponent before knocking them out due to faster/stronger attack or better compatibility when using combos. You can learn to use other weapons’ light attacks, and how to use theirs easier, i.e, a rocket lance or grapple hammer although it will be more difficult.

3. Learn combos. Combos and strings are ways to deal more damage to your opponent, but they can take quite some skill. It’s best to start learning combos once you have a Legend that you favor (also known as your “main”). You can find combo guides for your favorite character on wikis, forums, YouTube, and more. There are also combos that work with any weapon, and are based on that weapon rather than the Legend.

  • If you’re new to combos, start simple. There are many combos that are only two moves, and once you get good at simple combos, you can move onto the harder ones. A great place to practice combos is in Training Mode.
  • If you’ve already mastered combos for your main and want to really step up your game, you can even learn combos for other Legends, especially if you favor more than one Legend. However, it will be harder to keep up your skill, due to using two legends, thus hindering your skill by half in some cases. If you keep things well balanced you can keep up with multiple legends at a time.
  • Telling a combo and string apart is easy. True combos are unable to be escaped from, and they are impossible to be dodged out of due to how fast the set of moves is put together. Strings are a set of moves that can be dodged out.
  • Dexterity is very important in reducing frame cooldowns between moves, meaning your opponent will be less likely to escape. Because of this, high-dex characters are good for combos. You can also use the Dexterity Stance to gain one bar of Dexterity, but you’ll also lose a bar from a different stat to balance it out.

4. Watch your replays. Whenever you compete in battle, a replay is saved which can be watched afterward. This is a good way of learning what to do and what not to do, as you’ll be able to view the things you do that provide advantages as well as the things you’re not the best at, such as, for example, dodging other players’ hits.

  • Keep in mind that whenever Brawlhalla updates, replays become incompatible and can no longer be watched.
  • To find where all your replays are stored, simply click Replay in the upper right-hand corner. The icon consists of an arrow that is in the middle of circling around as if something is loading.
  • A good way of earning gold, is by completing your daily Missions, a feature of the game that allows you to choose from two different characters and win one or play two games as either one of the Legends or both. As a reward, you’ll earn gold which you can use to buy a few things in the Store.

5. Do other activities that’ll help you master Brawlhalla. Try going to YouTube and watching videos on how to refine your skills in the game. Learn skills from players who have a lot of experience playing Brawlhalla!

6. Further expand your skills by joining a Clan. Clans are another fun feature of Brawlhalla that allows you to join a club with other players. Once you have joined a Clan, you can join games with online members of your Clan. You can also invite other members to join. This can allow you to participate in some games for fun without real competition!

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