Chivalry 2 Footman Guide

Welcome to our Chivalry 2 Footman Guide. This guide will walk you through everything you need to overcome the overwhelming opposition in Chivalry 2.

Chivalry 2 Footman Guide

Although it doesn’t look like it on the Chivalry 2 battlefield with all the limbs, blood and fire, there are actually different classes that have different roles beyond just impaling your enemies. A minion is the game’s support class.

The minion’s job is therefore to keep the rest of the team alive through healing and ranged defense, but with so many trying to kill them it can be difficult to use the minion’s abilities to your advantage.

Footman or Man At Arms Mechanics Video Guide

In these Footman guides, we go over various different techniques and skills for playing Footman in Chivalry 2 by breaking them down into different videos that focus on one aspect per video.

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Footman Gameplay Video Guide

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Chivalry 2 Footman Class

The main task of the Footman class in Chivalry 2 is to keep the rest of the team alive and healthy.It fulfills its functions through healing and long-range defense. Since The Footman is a mid-tier with 150 max health, 100 movement speed, and 80 stamina, he has moderate stats, making him a great place to start for anyone unsure of which class to choose.

The minion has moderate speed and health. He’s not as fast or powerful as Vanguard or Knight, but he still has the best support abilities of any class. However, the game becomes more complicated and challenging as you progress; As such, Footman’s abilities may not always protect team members.

Footman Subclasses

There are three total Footman subclasses. The minion subclasses come equipped with bandage kits as special abilities; This is used to heal and revive other players.

  • Field Engineer
  • Man at Arms
  • Poleman

The Footman’s signature abilities include the Dash Attack, which allows him to inflict large amounts of damage while dashing toward the enemy. This effect is similar to Vanguard’s Leap Strike. Still, it’s not that risky comparatively, as it helps the footman land easily and doesn’t make him as vulnerable afterward.

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