COD: Black Ops 4 – Shock and Denial Walkthrough

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Shock and Denial

Once you have obtained the Spoon, you will need to head to the Warden’s House, and melee the wall that is above the steps. This will place scratches on the wall, which will be used later in this step.

Once round 17 comes along, head to the Number Pad in the Citadel Tunnels and enter the code “666”. This will force a Brutus Zombie to spawn in the world.

You must now lure Brutus to the walls that were previously scratched in the Warden’s House.

Upon luring Brutus up the stairs of the Warden’s House, he will perform a special EMP attack that will open up a secret room, the Warden’s Ritual Chamber.

Inside this room, you will find a body that is draped with a cloth. You will then want to interact with the small red stone that can be found on the nearby desk within the room.

Once you have picked up the stone, interact with the lever, which will reveal the body to be the corpse of the Warden.

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