GTA: San Andreas – Big Smoke Walkthrough [First Mission]

Los Santos First Mission – Big Smoke Walkthrough The cut scene plays out the grim reality […]

Los Santos First Mission – Big Smoke Walkthrough

The cut scene plays out the grim reality of your life–too many dead friends and relatives caught in the crossfire of neighborhood violence. From CJ’s house, you’ll head to the cemetery, where this reality is brought to the fore, and your friends confront you for running away from the funerals. You’ve spent five years out of the hood, but nothing has changed. As you’re heading away from the graveyard, a rival gang drives up and attempts a drive-by.

When you regain control, get on the nearby bike and pump the pedal button to really haul ass away from your assailants. You need to keep up with Sweet, the little blue dot on the mini-map. Stay right behind him and go where he goes. Don’t lag too far back, though, or you’ll get tagged by drive-by fire. As the gang car catches up with you under the viaducts, you’ll need to split up. Now it’s time to follow Ryder.

Your jaunt will take you down staircases, through vacant lots and down steep embankments. Keep Ryder in front of you and avoid over-pumping, as you’ll run out of steam. Along the course of your journey, your Cycling skill should be upgraded.

[su_note note_color=”#64656b” text_color=”#fbfbfb”]Note: Throughout the course of the game, different attributes will grow the more that you use them. The more you cycle, for instance, the better your skills will becomes. You can view how you are coming along skill-wise at any time by pausing the game and looking at Stats for your Player. To make the list scroll faster, press RIGHT. Stats displayed are: Fat, Stamina, Total Respect, Lung Capacity, Sex Appeal, Muscle, Driving Skill, Flying Skill, Bike Skill, and Cycling Skill.[/su_note]

Continue on with Ryder until you reach the old neighborhood. Cruise into the red marker to see a cut scene and finish the mission. Now you can go inside your house and save progress by heading to the disc icon in the kitchen. You can return at any point to save your progress (except when in the midst of a mission), and it’s a good idea to do so regularly. Take some time to explore your house. Upstairs, you’ll find your Wardrobe, where you can change your apparel. You don’t have any new gear to slide into at the moment, so leave the room. Head across to the bedroom, where you’ll find a Camera next to your bed. Grab it and head back downstairs.

Step on the yellow marker in the living room to leave the house. As you do, you’ll be told to go to Ryder’s house and get a cell-phone call. Answer it, and make your way over to the R on the map.

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