GTA: San Andreas – Tagging Up Turf Walkthrough

Tagging Up Turf Walkthrough After a cut scene, you’ll meet up with your brother Sweet, who […]

Tagging Up Turf Walkthrough

After a cut scene, you’ll meet up with your brother Sweet, who wants to roll along with you. Get in his ride and roll to Idlewood, following the yellow marker. When you get to the spot, drive into the red marker and Sweet will demonstrate how to tag over enemy gang’s signs. He’ll tell you there are two more tags to hit, and they will appear as green dots on the map. Run over to them and tag over the top of them. One is on the front of the greenish building, and the other is in the alley behind the buildings, on one of the low walls.

You’ll notice that there are 100 Tags total, and once you complete these two, a total of 3/100 will be done. For a complete list of tags, head to the Tags section of this guide.

Once you’re done tagging get back into Sweet’s car. Now it’s time to head to Ballas’ territory in East Los Santos. Sweet will drop you off. Tag the graffiti next to the large mural of the hottie. When you’re done, cruise around the left side of the building. Take your first right into the alley. Here, you’ll run into a couple of Ballas. Spray them in the face, and tag the graffiti.

The map will display the next tag location. Run over there and follow it to a red marker. When you arrive, you will be taught how to climb fences. Climb the low one, run down the alley and scale the taller fence. You’ll find yourself behind a building. Use the dumpster to boost yourself up, then climb up to the roof. Head around to the front and tag the sign there to complete your sixth. When you’re done, Sweet will roll up. Make your way to the car and get in. Follow the marker back to your neighborhood and return to Sweet’s house to end the mission. You’ll get $200 and some respect for completing it. You might want to go and save at this point.

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