GTA: San Andreas – Cleaning the Hood Walkthrough

Cleaning the Hood Walkthrough

Hook up with Ryder and head to one of the cars parked out front. Follow the yellow marker over to G-Dup’s house and park on the red marker. The cut scene that unfolds shows one of your old homies all strung out on crack. This inspires you to clean up the ‘hood. Head outside and seek out the first crack dealer you find (indicated by a red dot on the map).

Cleaning the Hood Walkthrough 1 Cleaning the Hood Walkthrough 2

As you roll up on him, a short cut scene will play where the dealer is trying to sell to one of your homies. Get out and follow the onscreen instructions to learn how to melee attack him. Put him in his place with a series of attacks, and watch another short scene. When it’s over, grab the Bat and get back in your car. Head over to the yellow marker indicated on the map. Drive up to the red marker and get out.

Cleaning the Hood Walkthrough 3 Cleaning the Hood Walkthrough 4

Walk on to the yellow marker to go inside the Crack Den. Using your newly-acquired Louisville Slugger, go to town on the crack dealers inside. When they all fall, get back in your ride and cruise back to Sweet’s house. This will complete the mission and earn you some respect.

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