Disgaea 5 – Maximizing Your Stats 101

Preview This guide is hold hostage by the Prinny squad So just wait a few moment! […]


This guide is hold hostage by the Prinny squad

So just wait a few moment!

Sub-classes Mastering

What are sub-classes?

They are basically generic characters’ stairway to perfection. And unique characters can profit from them too! You can gain much from them.

What exactly?

Story short, generic as well as unique evilities and the main subject of this guide, stats!
The extra evilities gained from them can proove very useful for others (Greedy Disposition, Twin Head, Fatal Slash, …)

How to max sub-classes efficiently

You’ll first want a spell called “Geo-Blast”, this beauty can one-shot a geo block (Only obtainable from a scroll). While in practice, it seems only used for extreme cases, it serves it purpose to give a whole lot of experience and sub-class experience IF and IF only the Item World you’re in is a Carnage Item (You can easily get your first items through Alchemist) and the difficulty is set to 20.

Remember that you need to fill out every star of a sub-class to complete it. You can switch as much as you want through the Dark Assembly with every characters on the roster.

Reminder that not every stages of the Item World has a geo block, so you might want to reroll your run a bunch and that not every classes has the same sub-class experience cap (Dark Knight, Sage, Pirate, …) and might need a few more runs to upgrade only one.

The Elite Four

What’s the Elite Four?

It’s a 4-man squad with the sole purpose of maximizing your growth-rate at MAX level.

How to profit from it?

It’s simple, you have to start over from level 1 by reincarnating (and hopefully mastered all sub-classes) and level up to 9999 once again. Be aware that the process is much slower since the experience received while in this squad is depleted. Even though, I suppose Carnage Item World gives enough experience to compensate it.

The Asagi Farm – Killing Time

That’s alot of HP

The Asagi Farm – Interrogation Time


The Asagi Farm – The Final Step

Maid evilities and stuff

-The effects

Reminder that there’s a limits to stats.

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