The Escapist – How to escape Jungle Compound

Breaking Walls First of all of this you will need 4 forks 1 poster go to […]

Breaking Walls

First of all of this you will need 4 forks 1 poster go to library break the wall who leads in the secret room and cover the hole with the poster

Digging Holes

Its now time for get a digging item trowel or shovel dig in the secret room at outside don’t dig up you will do this for your escape

Getting Keys

Its now time for getting keys you will need Yellow Key and Red Key get a cup of molten chocolate wad of putty and molten plastic knock out the first guard take everyting and craft the key 60 int needed do same with the fourth guard 80 int needed

Contraband Pouch !

Its time for craft a Durable contraband pouch(recommended) or a contraband pouch for the metal detector in the prison

Hiding Objects

Now you will hide your red key in the hole you digged get a shaving cream for the camera at guard quaters hide it in the hole too

Ink and Exotic Feather

You will need ink and exotic feather for craft the id papers hide it in hole like other objects

Bed Dummy

For escape you will need a bed dummy craft recipe is 1x bed sheet 2x pillow

Getting Intellect

You will need 60 int or + for craft the id papers so upgrade it or you will lost

Escape !

Its time to escape at night put bed dummy on your bed dress as a guard get the yellow key and the contraband pouch go to the library get your poster out and replace it now go to your hole drop the yellow key and contraband pouch get the digging item ink exotic feather shaving cream and red key dig up the hole when you almost finished wait the jeep go out put the dirt run in the forest when you see the guard quarters click on the camera with the shaving cream get the unsigned id papers go out in forest craft your id papers drop all your item except id papers go run and hide in forest for not being seeing by the jeep go to the Officier Charlie give him the papers and you escaped !

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