The Escapist – Escape HMP Irongate

How to escape raft prison !

Red Key

First of all steps you will need red key get a cup of molten chocolate wad of putty and molten plastic knock out the fourth guard with it and take everything craft Red Key 80 int needed

Balsa Woods

For that prison you will need 2 balsa woods so buy it and get it in your desk

Contraband Pouch

A contraband pouch is needed for the detectors of contrabands craft it


You will need 3 ropes 1 for the grappling hook 2 for the raft base and 3 for the makeshift raft so get it its important

Sail !

You will need for first making of the raft a sail craft with 1x timber + 1x bed sheet

Raft Base

Time for raft base get 2 balsa woods + a rope and you will get it

Makeshift Raft

Last step of the raft get the sail and the raft base a rope and you will have your complete raft !

Grappling Hook

Get 2x crowbars 1x duct tape + 1x grapple head 1x rope need 90 int now you did it !

Cutting Tools

Get now cutters or cutting floss the 2 are sames now prepare for escape !

Escape !

Its time for go out put your bed dummy get all your items go at night rollcall hide yourself dress up as a guard wait until 00:00 now go to the red door where there is a detector of contraband see a room with a ladder go in go up the ladder cut the fence grapple the wall get yourself out now run to the docks click on the raft and bye HMP Irongate !

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