Heroes & Generals – Medium Tank Weak Spots

I want to say you weakpoints of medium tanks.

U.S.A Medium Armor

This is a Destroyed U.S.A Medium

1. M3 Lee

  • Weakpoints: Top(Turret):22mm,Top:20mm,Sides&Rear&(Front)Upper:38mm

2. M4A1 Sherman

  • Weakpoints: Top:13-25mm,Sides&rear:38mm


3. M4A3E8 Sherman

  • Weakpoints: Top:19-25mm,Sides&Rear:38mm


U.S.S.R Medium Armor

A German Soldier with destoryed Union Soviet Tank

1. T-34/76 Model 1942

  • Weakpoints: Top:20mm,Mantlet:40mm,Front&Sides&Rear:45mm

2. T-34/85 Model 1944

  • Weakpoints: Top:20mm,Rear&Front&Sides:45mm


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