Escape the Backrooms: Nightmare Mode Guide

Hello from our Escape the Backrooms Nightmare Mode guide (3.10 Version). This guide will go over the recommended strategy for each Level in order and will mention bugs as well as other things that may not be intended. As such, we will mention how to beat the levels legit and any bugs or techniques or strategies that can be used to better win this game on Nightmare.

Escape the Backrooms Nightmare Mode

If you came here for the Escape the Backroom walkthrough guide, use the search bar. This section contains only the Nightmare Mod walkthrough guide.

Reminder: On Nightmare mode, Sanity on some Levels will drain faster, the RNG on some Levels such as Level 922- will be worse so you will take longer to beat them whether it be for time OR difficulty. Finally, and most importantly, if anyone dies at all during this run you will be sent back to the lobby screen as if you’re making a brand new game. Think of it like getting a game over in very old video games where you start the entire game all over again when you run out of lives.

Since even an RNG perfect run of Nightmare can talk about an hour and a half (1 hr, 30 min) be sure that before you start it that everybody is done with their duties or anything else IRL before starting.

Notable Techniques

Bunny Hopping – This will be your main way of moving around when NOT being chased by an Entity. To do this, run and jump. When in the air let go of the sprint key. So you should have a finger on W or the key to move forward and quickly tap sprint then jump. Like a rhythm.

Duping – When playing with 3 other people it is recommended that 1 of them be a bit far from the server host so they are a bit laggy. Duping is a key way of survival and helping in some areas of the game such as Level 5, Section 1 or The Main Halls. When the laggy player picks up an item they should move it around their inventory quickly into other spaces. Spamming mouse 1 and moving it to a different slot over and over so it ends up duplicating it. This is primarily used to duplicate Almond Water so that player’s do not run out of sanity. Duping relies solely on ping so upping your graphics setting won’t make this easier or harder to do.

Note – Since Duping can only be done by a laggy player they shouldn’t interact with anything that makes them zoom in. Such as the Ladder in Level 0 and the Terminal for the list of Houses marked in level 9.

  • IDK the name of this next technique so I will just make up a name for it, Hanging Back – In some areas of the game it can be risky to have all 4 players in the same area such as Level 3 in areas where the Hounds will show up. For this it can differentiate a bit.
  • Example 1) 1 player does section 2 and 3 of Level 3 to get the beakers on while the other 3 stay behind and dupe Almond Water and keep an eye on the exit area to let them know how many are left for that area.
  • Example 2) 3 players enter an exit area i.e. The Hub while 1 other player (preferably the Host so there is little to no lag at all) does a certain section of the Level without worry. When the Host player reaches the exit it will lead everyone forward. So if 3 players are in The Hub and 1 player gets to the exit to enter Level 2 they will go there.

This works because the game will pay attention to what exit is entered by the last player who enters an exit spot. Since 3 players are already in The Hub (which is an exit to, The Hub) when the 4th player enters the exit to say, Level 5 it will take them to Level 5 since that is where the last player went.

(Bug) Infinite Sprint – BEFORE you think of abusing this, read the next section as well. If you just want the Steam achievement that is fine but, if any of your friends wants a role on Fancy’s discord server do not use this. Sometimes when bunnyhopping you could untentionally get infinite stamina and sprint forever until you stop sprinting. This can be used to get around Levels much easier. Such as Level 1’s final section, Level 94, etc.

Pressing the SHIFT key or whatever is bound as the sprint button after getting this glitch will fix it and you will have your stamina back to normal. When you get ti you do not need to press shift at all.

Due note that you get infinite sprint when being chased by an entity, that isn’t a bug and is a feature.

(Bug) Wall kill – When playing the game there is something you should note about entities. They can kill you through doors, walls, and fences IF it is thin enough for the hitbox to reach you. This applies to all entities. So when you’re behind a door after closing it on a Hound for example, do not walk into the door since the Hound can still get you if it’s close to the door.

Another example is Level 94 with the Animated King (will be touched on in that section) with the Fences. So always be careful when hiding and being chased by entities.

How to verify your Nightmare run

Submitting any run that used 3rd party assistance will permanently put you on a blacklist


  • There are 2 ways to do this.
  • Inside of the game.
    (This resets ALL achievements.)
    Go to settings->game->reset achievements and press OK.
  • Outside of the game.
    This resets ONLY the Nightmare achievement.
    2.1. Press Windows+R to open Run.exe
    2.2. Write steam://open/console
    2.3. Write achievement_clear 1943950 NIGHTMARE
    2.4. Should the ID not match, visit SteamDB – ETB
    Search for the right Nightmare achievement ID there.

There are 2 types of runs:

  • A competition to get Nightmare first after a major update.
  • Any other runs.

There are differences between the two:

In the ‘Promotional run’ (The first Nightmare run when a new update is out that adds Levels, once 1 run is done by ANYONE you don’t have to follow these rules)

  • 1. You cannot guess number combinations that require collecting notes etc.
  • HUB PC / Color codes in Level 1 are allowed.
  • 2. You cannot use any preventable glitches.
  • They can only be caused by player interference.
  • 3. You cannot abuse game mechanics f.e skipping across pitfalls.
  • 4.1. Glitching out of the map through unpatched spots is prohibited.
  • 4.2. Skipping the intended level progress is prohibited.
  • 5.1. Getting to areas where enemies cannot get you is allowed.
  • 5.2. Getting entities stuck is prohibited.
  • 6. Duping is not allowed.
  • 7. Everyone has to have the same version of the game.
  • 7.1. VR players cannot run with normal players at the same time.
  • 8. Having all 4 POV’s is required. (POV’s means the point of view of the player(s), recording or streaming their Nightmare run. All 4 players must record for a Promo. Run, while a Normal run only the Host has to record them self.)

Should you get an unpreventable glitch:

  • As long as it doesn’t change the player count from 4. It is allowed.
  • Loading into the wrong area and getting to the end of the level will disqualify the run.

For normal Nightmare runs

What is allowed: Everything! As long as you get to the end with 4 people and don’t completely bypass levels/the game.

P.S A special exception for unpreventable glitches is the ability to sprint infinitely in any direction. Should you get it, immediately press shift to end the glitch. Do not use it to your advantage.

How to verify?

To verify you must record your run.

Here are the rules:

  • 1.1. HOST must provide a POV.
  • 1.2. Show selecting the nightmare difficulty.
  • 1.3. In game audio has to be recorded.
  • 1.4. Show getting the Steam overlay achievement icon for Nightmare.
  • 1.5. [Optional] Send all 4 player POVs – very much appreciated 🙂
  • 1.6. Provide the Discord tag, Discord User ID and permanent Steam profile ID to the verifier

All of these are equally as important.
Where to send the proof?
Send the proof to a Nightmare verifier.
Current ones: @4 O.

The runs will be verified as soon as possible.
Final remarks
Preferably upload videos to Youtube

After a successful verification you will get the @Nightmare role!
Remember, not every participant of the run has to be on here.
You can just send people’s steam account links to the verifiers.

Nightmare generations follow updates. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc.

Level 0 – Tutorial Level

When you start your Nightmare run, 3 players should look for the door while 1 player looks for the Ladder to grab the key. Use bunny hopping to get around faster. Be sure to be a master of doing this since this will be your main mode of getting around when not being chased. If you are being chased you get infinite stamina.

Once the player gets the key the other 3 will do the Pitfalls section and grab a rope so get the other(s) up should they fall. Then all 4 enter the vent.

Bugs you can use – When in the pitfalls sprint straight forward until you get into an intersection after the 1st row of squares. Then press Q or E and wait for a moment. Once your screen readjusts you can then freely walk around without having to balance yourself. If or when this is fixed you’ll have to do this legitimately.

In the event that all players fall down head left and keep going until you see arrows, then follow them to the alternate exit. The Howler will not spawn down in the pitfalls unless all 4 players drop down, and will only spawn in the upper area after a couple minutes. If the 4th player 100% knows they cannot do the pitfalls balancing the 3 players should go to the alt. exit and wait and then have the 4th drop down then follow suit.

Notes – A clean speedrun of the Level 0 means you shouldn’t see or even hear the Howler at all.

Here is a map of Level 0, the right side is the lower area under the Pitfalls.

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 1 – The Habitable Zone

This Level is divided into multiple sections. A such this will be sectioned off with Header Text to make things easier to skip to.

Section 1 – Elevator Puzzle

In this section 1 player guesses the code for the elevator while the other 3 players grab almond water and find the car room for the code for the elevator. They should say it in their voice chat (Steam, Discord, Skype, etc.) or type it in game. For example of what to type, If the cars in the room are 2 blue cars, 1 yellow, and 1 red they should typed in chat “b, b, y, r

Everyone must then enter the Elevator to head down to the 2nd section

Section 2 – Key Collection

Before the elevator opens up everyone should decide who goes where. 2 people go left and 2 go straight and scour the rooms for keys. When you find a key say something or type it in chat so everyone knows how many keys are left to find.

When entering the exit area where the 2 Skin-Stealers are at players should use a bait strategy. Whether luring 1 or both of them away so that if the room in the upper left area has a key a player can run in and get it. However, having both of them chase you can lead to a scenario where 1 or both can stop chasing you.

Note – Skin-Stealers can enter all rooms so be sure to close the door behind you when entering and keeping it open when leaving for a way to mark that you already checked that room and for a place to run towards if being chased. They cannot enter the exit area. When you open the exit door after turning all 4 keys if you go inside it to enter section 3 you are safe from them. Should one be in that room and blocking the way the player(s) inside the exit should each go into a corner and wait. It will try and leave but, it can get stuck in the doorway.

If this is the case, the other players should wait inside the exit room and dupe Almond Water to keep their sanity good. When the 4th key is collected they should turn them all to open the door and walk through it and do more duping there.

Important Note – Sometimes when your sanity is low it can sometimes NOT give you the many Smiler warning. So be sure to always be checking it on Levels where sanity drains. Especially on scary and dark Levels where it will drain much faster.

1 good work of teamwork is that if 3 are in the exit and 1 is left to get in they should open the door to it and leave it open and hide inside the exit since S. Stealers do not enter rooms unless they are chasing someone. This means the last player, even if chased, can just run inside and then they will automatically begin to load into Section 3.

Section 3 – The Garage

When loading in everybody should have their sanity good enough to not get distracted by sanity loss if it gets that low and should have a flashlight on them and on.

Once you leave the door run to the upper right area and see if the exit is in that door, if not run down the ramp and go to the upper left area to see if it is there, if not then all 4 players should gather there and have 1 person quickly adjust their render settings to low and they can try and look for the Skin-Stealer through the walls so they can let everyone know if it’s safe to go and which route if it goes left or right. Running down the last ramp go to the upper right area and the exit should be there if you haven’t found it on the other 2 floors. Low render settings will also let you see where the exit is by looking around. Making it easier to find as well as the Skin-Stealer.

Here is a map of this section

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Section 4 – The Gate

This is easy, just go to The Hub.

The Hub

When here 3 players stay back and dupe Almond Water so everyone can have a full inventory and drink them so everyone by the end of this before going back to Level 1 has their sanity full and inventories full or nearly full.

The 1 player will do the puzzle and turn off the gate all by themselves. When all is done, all 4 players should fill their sanity then their inventories and head back to Level 1 for the last section.

Level 1, Section 5 – Smiler Room

Now to do the Hanging Back strategy.

3 players will go back inside The Hub and wait inside it and dupe Almond Water so they are safe and stuff while 1 player, preferably the Host, does the Smiler room all by themselves.

The Host will use bunnyhopping to get around when the lights are on and to get to the exit to get to Level 2.

The flickering of the lights doesn’t determine when they will turn off sooner than expected. Under certain conditions like Smiler positions when the room was dark so you can see where they are & when you get to the right room for the first time you can just bunnyhop all the way to the far room and go for the exit if it’s on the right side.

Due note, sometimes the exit can be on the right or left side of the room.

Level 2 – Pipe Dreams

Everyone will go left (Station) and bunnyhop all the way there to make things faster. After the last players enters the light area after the dark one, once the text on screen pops up that warns the players they are being chased they should stop bunny hopping and just regularly sprint to the exit.

Level 3 – Electrical Station

For this Level, run to the electrical panel and interact with it and leave it so the door opens.

Area 1 – Beaker intro

All players will search around for Almond Water and the beakers to open up the gate to the other 2 areas.

Area 2 – Hound intro

From this point, 3 players will stay behind in the middle area and dupe Almond Water for the Host before they leave to head back to the electrical panel at the start where the exit is to let the host know how many beakers are left for each area and dupe there as well for themselves since they have a pile in the middle for the Host.

The host will enter area 2 and 3 from here to get the beakers on. The first Hound can be avoided by just running into the door before it turns the corner.

From here carefully navigate around to get the beakers on. If a Hound is in the door way immediately close it or stun it then close the door depending how far it is.

If there is a beaker in the last room be sure to figure out where the Hound is before starting it. If you start the puzzle and hear it roaring it has seen you and is going after you. Stun it then run outside so you can leave the room so it resets and walks away.

Area 3 – Electrical Puddles

Same strategy from Area 2 with Hounds just remember to watch your step for the electric puddles. Remember that on the left side there is a spot where a Hound will always spawn so don’t check it’s spot if there isn’t a beaker on the left area of it. Otherwise you will likely die between the 2 hounds and the door.

The first Hound is easy to avoid, just get its attention so it starts to chase you, then run back to the middle area and wait until you do not hear it anymore.

Once all 9 beakers are on the 3 players will head into Level 4 and wait for the Host to get there and then you will enter Level 5.

If you’re inexperienced you can have 1 other teammate come into Area 3 to make it go by faster in exploration. Just make sure they are not laggy so they can reliably close doors.

Here is a map of Level 3 and the electric puddle locations.

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 4 – Abandoned Office

When entering this Level all 4 players will head for the puzzle room and solve it together to make it go a bit faster. When solved, the 3 players will head to The Hub to hang back inside it and dupe some more almond water if needed.

The host will run ahead and do the security camera puzzle and head into Level 5.

Alternatively, all 4 players go ahead and do the camera puzzle while 3 players just run straight for the end of it, 1 player stays behind to hit the button to reset the cameras then they go since it is just them who has to dodge the cameras.

Here is a map of Level 4 that you can use to better avoid the cameras and find The Hub door.

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 5 – Terror Hotel

This Level is split into 3 areas.

Section 1 – The Main Halls

When entering this Level let 1 Person do the portrait puzzle to open the door so there is less chance of messing up and starting over.

After this, 3 players will go onto the carpet in front of the locked door and dupe Almond Water while 1 player gets Moth Jelly and then dupes the other 2 needed (a total of 3) to save time.

Then all 4 players get in the Elevator to head to section 2, The Hotel.

Warning – There is a bug that can end a run so read this carefully and inform your teammates : Once everyone is in the elevator make sure no one is moving at all before the button is pressed. Stay still until the elevator opens in the next section. Failure to do this risks a player being killed and ending the run.

Section 2 – The Hotel

All players will get out and 1 person will start guessing the combination for the door.

17564, 05938 or 89472 are the possible combinations. It is HIGHLY recommended that a player copies the text of the codes and then when they all leave the elevator to paste it in the text chat so the player doing the lock can see them on their screen and do them 1 by 1 until it opens.

Unless more combinations are added in the future or something prevents this you shouldn’t run too far away to the left or right side since u risk having the Skin-Stealer or Hound kill you or chase you towards the others.

The other 3 players should stay near the door and keep an eye on both ways into the room so they can all be ready to run and hide in a hotel room. Once the door is opened run in before either one of the entities walks towards the door and sees anyone.

However, if you’re in Fancy’s discord server and doing a Promo run, you cannot guess the codes. You have to find the 7 pieces of paper to spell “LOOK UP” to get the code. Look at the lockers where you will place them and type in chat the room numbers so all players can check if a room they are at is once that must be entered.

The Hound on this Level can be despawned. Get it to chase you and then hide so it gives up chasing you. Shortly after it will despawn once you do not hear it screaming.

Otherwise, after all papers are in start putting in the code and have the others watch your left and right side.

Section 3 – Boiler Room

The last part of Level 5, 3 Players will immediately turn around and go down to the bottom of the staircase (do not worry, the black void part is an invisible floor so feel free to drop down the middle. From there the 3 will dupe Almond Water to keep themselves safe and secure while the Host does the Boiler Room. An optimized path will make you encounter 2-3 Female Death Moths. Once the player finds the exit and enters it you go back to Level 2.

Here is a map of the Boiler Room if you’re the Host.

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 2 (Again)

Just like the last time you were here, bunny hop to the right this time (FUN!) and just like last time when the text pops up on screen to warn you that the Smiler is chasing stop bunny hopping and just run normally. You’ll see rainbow lights where the exit is to Level Fun.

Level Fun

When entering this Level 1 player will go ahead first to get the attention of the 1 Partygoer facing the entrance way so it can turn around. After this all players will gather together before going ahead.

1st 2 areas you should crouch until you are out of sight of the Partygoers for safety.

In the 3rd area with a lot of them nearby each other the 4 players will take turns.

1 player will get their attention then run backwards to a nearby room to hide.

After this the players will go 1 by 1 to run across the hallway. Bunny hop until you hear the music stop (meaning they are now chasing you) and then just run normally and hide under a table on the right side. Once you hide correctly. Crouch behind the last Partygoer to the exit.

Keep doing this strat until everyone is at the exit.

There are some bugs you can use. One of which will make the Partygoers keep roaring as if they are chasing a player but, they aren’t. This can be useful for the 1st area of them where 1 will always face towards the players that needs to be triggered so it turns around.

WARNING – When at the exit, every player should pick a different slide to go down in and let their teammates know which one they picked or going to pick.

Either have everyone line up to their slide before you all go in or, if you’re worried about your sanity type in chat which one you picked OR say it in your group voice chat (Discord, Steam, Skype, etc.).
Failure of this can result in the game potentially soft locking and forcing a restart.

Here is a map of the Level

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 37 – Sublimity

Since this Level is safe, just make sure everyone gathers to the exit but, before going in dupe a lot of Almond Water so everyone is full on sanity (if they somehow aren’t from this Level) and their inventory is full of it.

I highly recommend you use this time to also discuss your strategy for Level ! and The End before going in.

If you spawn closer to The Hub door (A room with a staircase going UP) it is better to go inside it. Just make sure to dupe and stuff so you’re ready for what is to come and let your teammates know in case they come looking for ya.

Level ! – Run for your Life!

When entering this Level you should do the following:

Remind your team that the doors that plop open to block you pop up on the left side of the hallway and to not bunny hop since they’ll have infinite stamina once the entity horde starts chasing you.

To make sure you don’t collide with each other, Have the 2 laggiest players in the middle and have the least at the front and the Host in the back.

The order can change depending on player skill. No matter what, the host should be in the back. For example, if a player isn’t good at this Level they should be first since it is very close to Single player and if they mess up they still have time to get out and continue running.

The one in the front walks forward until they reach the 2nd door on the right side, DO NOT go past this door or else Partygoers will burst out of the rooms and will kill everyone 1 by 1. However, if they do show up by accident everyone can just run forward and they will despawn and start the Entity Horde chase.

2nd player will be at the first door, 3rd player at the edge and the last player in the hallway of the Smiler behind the door.

1 person then counts down (From 3 or 5) and when they hit zero everyone starts sprinting so they are all synchronized and about the same distance away from each other so they don’t slow each other down or if they make a mistake they can quickly recover without worrying about the horde.

Learning this Level can be very useful since some areas, crouch jumping can make things a lot easier to save yourself and time and not bump into teammates. I recommend learning these just incase.

In the last area where a door is your path to the left, take it for maximum safety.

Here is a map of the Level

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

The End

When entering this Level 3 of the 4 players immediately check the right side of the room for Tapes while the 4th player hits the Fire Alarm to the left of spawn and then runs over to join their collecting process.

Once all 4 players get those tapes they then grab the tapes in the back which leads with only the left side of the room with Tapes.

If the Scratcher is moving towards you or anyone let them know so they can crouch or quickly run under a table.

Before they go for the left side of the room 1 player should wait until the Scratcher walks into that area before pulling the 2nd fire alarm so it takes as much time getting over there from the distraction for more collection time.

After getting all the Tapes run to the computer in the center and turn it on.

If you’re missing any tapes the computer will display a number of how many are left. You will have to touch it again if you missed any before activating it.

If you take too long the lights will turn off. At this point players should just hide in corners if they do not have a flashlight and keep an eye on the Scratcher and tell their teammates where it is at all times so they do not get killed.

Those with flashlights will look for any missing Tapes that were missed.

A clean run with no missing tapes will have the Level exit appear before the lights even go off.

Level The Escherian Stairwell

In this Level, players will go up to the 1st floor (Marked with a 1) and dupe Almond Water for everyone. Preferably for the 1 player going up first so they are ready for Level 94. Sanity and inventories should be full or near it before leaving this Level.

Once the 1 player is full on sanity and mostly or entirely in their inventory as well they will walk upwards until they get to a floor that is marked with 94 on it. If it doesn’t have it marked that number keep walking up. The other 3 players will wait at the first floor and dupe almond water for themselves for sanity and inventories as this happens.

Once the player gets to floor 94 they will jump down the middle and the other 3 players will do the same as well after getting their almond water if they haven’t already.

This will lead everyone to Level 94.

Level 94 – Motion

This Level is divided into 2 areas as such will be sectioned off.

Section 1 – The Neighborhood

Since everyone is full on Sanity and full of Almond Water once you enter this Level bunny hop straight to the castle. You will have 3 minutes before it starts setting to night. By the time it shows up you should be very close to the castle.

As you run to the castle, every 30 seconds check your sanity to see if you need to drink it.

When it is going to night, all 4 players will enter the same house and the first player in will turn off the lights. There is multiple ways of hiding.

1 Player hides in the bed, 2 in the closet (2 spots for it), and 1 can walk all the way up stairs and hide up there.

WARNING – Sometimes a bug or crash can occur if people hide in the bed or closet. If you do not want to risk this all 4 players can just run up the stairs once the lights are off and just wait up there.

When it is day time wait till the music outside starts playing OR if the Animations leave the house or if you see them outside, they despawn or start running away.

After the first night is over it will start setting down after 1 minute. Use this to quickly run to the rope and climb it into the Castle.

Section 2 – The Castle

When entering the Castle, 3 players will dupe almond water and keep everyone good on sanity and inventory while the 1 player does the puzzle to open the door.

For the Animated King segment. All 4 players head into the back area near the roller coaster. Standing on the edge of the platform and not on the track. This is because the hitbox of the A.K. can sometimes get you through the fence on it. Just stay there until that timer reaches 100 and AFTER the honking is done then everybody interact with it near the front for safety. Then you will head into Level 6.

Level 6 – Lights Out

When entering this Level speedrun to the LiDAR room and grab any supplies you see on the way for Sanity.

When you get the LiDAR scanner use it to navigate the 2nd area. Use the map below to know where to go and make sure you do it quickly since this is one of the Levels where sanity will drop very quickly. Once you are far enough away from the Wretch to where you do not see it on the LiDAR anymore you can spray the walls with dots and bunny hop around to get through it quicker.

If you are near the Wretch crouch and it cannot kill you. So you can just crouch walk around just make sure to not stand up or keep walking into it. This can be an issue if you keep doing this since it will still try and get you. In which case, just stay still until it walks away.

Once you get a far enough distance from the Wretch you can walk around and run freely since it only explores a specific portion of Level 6. Just check your scanner before trying this.

Here is the map.

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 7 – Thalassophobia

This level has 2 areas

Section 1 – Flooded Neighborhood

In this Level immediately speedrun to the boats and 1 person per boat and go straight for the Lighthouse. Your sanity will not drop as long as you are actually in a boat. Head straight for the lighthouse.
Here is a map for this Section

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Section 2 – Underwater

After the cutscene and the cage opens, swim a bit to your left and find the giant rock with lights inside it. Just follow the lights and you will end up in Level 8.
Here is a map for this section

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 8 – Cave System

This area is split into multiple areas.

Section 1 & 2 – Female Death Moths in the dark

Warning – For the safety of the run, once you load in check your inventory and drop the diving helmet so you do NOT accidentally equip it. Equipping it makes it so you cannot interact with anything, items, doors, and the exit of this Level which is a ladder. Do this before doing anything else. Sometimes when spawning in the Level you won’t have it at all but, if you do drop it.

If you do decide to keep it, do not put it on when in a Level where your exit strategy involves you to interact with something. Example, this Level with the ladder is a bad idea. Since everyone has to interact with it. A good idea is Level 9 since other teammates can just open the gate/door for you and you just have to walk in. When you put it on you do NOT lose sanity at all.

When starting this Level gather supplies on the table and dupe Almond Water for everyone since sanity can drain quickly in the dark areas. Once everyone is full on sanity and A. water go ahead.

For the first area, just crouch walk and hug the left wall so you get to the next decontamination room and then again to get to the bridge.

In area 2 you can just walk to the left side and then when you see the bridge whoever gets to see it in plain view first should wait for all 4 players to get close then all of you run at the same time so you all get through since after passing this little spot the cave will fall in and block that path.

If you’re on the other side when it collapses just crouch the entire time and keep hugging the left wall.

Section 3 – Skin-Stealers

BEFORE you go across the bridge check the map below for the secret path to the right side of the bridge and read this.

3 players will go up the secret path and wait at the first exit of it. 1 player, preferably the Host for no lag, will go across the bridge and when entering the Skin-Stealer area try and lure 1 OR both of them to the start. When 1 or 2 are after the player and they get back to the decontamination room to lose it/them the other 3 players will drop down and run to the exit decontamination room at the end of this section and wait for the 1st player to arrive since now it is just 1 person and won’t bump into others.

The 3 players could also try this if the host only lures 1 S-S. away but, should still be careful since they are faster on this Level and the terrain can make it difficult to escape them. Only way of escaping is the entrance, exit, and if they lose line of sight of you for too long.

There is a couple hiding spots in some areas if you crouch and hide behind a rock or a small dent in a wall to squeeze into. Just make sure to note these before getting to this Level instead of trying to see if they work or if you’re in the right spot on a Nightmare run and risk it.

Once all 3 players make it to the exit, they should wait there and let the 1 player know if any Skin Stealers are near the exit. That way they can run to the exit. It is best that the 1 player should NOT have their flashlight out so the player(s) that stay in it do not confuse them for a Skin Stealer.

Getting out of here will lead you to a small area in Level 0.

Here is the map

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

The Manila Room

When entering this Level 3 players should go to The Manila Room and dupe more water if needed for their sanity and inventory. 1 player will open the locked locker with the code – Square Circle Arrow

Unless the puzzle in the small room that looks like Sub-Level 0.2 is updated with a changing object to change the shadows, the code will be the same every time.

Once everyone is good on sanity and water, 1 player will use the Chainsaw to open the wooden boards.

Walk forward into it and you will noclip into Sub-Level 0.11

Sub-Level 0.11 – Water Damage

This level is divided into 2 areas.

Section 1 – The Maze

In this area all 4 players should quickly find the exit of the maze and be near each other for the strategy for section 2. If any players get to the exit and are waiting for the other player(s) to show up, start duping almond water because sanity drains on this Level.

Section 2 – The Timed Levers

There is a legit way to do this and a bug to make things easier. I will explain the legit way first.

Once all 4 players are at the entrance to this area and are good on sanity and almond water, 1 player will locate the Howler and distract it (Preferably the Host and they drop the Chainsaw for the other players) while the other 3 players take another Chainsaw off the table and look around while its distracted for the timed Levers. 2 of these Levers will always be in the same spot, inside the steel door room that requires a vent to get inside and the exit gate that is closed. The other 2 are randomized where they are every time you enter the Level or die and restart…too bad you’re on Nightmare.

The 1 player will keep an eye on it and warn players of its location at all times. Once all 3 players find a Lever, the 1 player will find the last one and they will all flip them at the same time. The player by the exit will go through and wait for them to arrive.

The 3 players will get to the exit (and if needed, hide in the vent) and that 1 player will flip the switch on the other side to open the gate and they can all get in and beyond the wooden door is Level 188.

For the bug you can use unless it gets patched, in which case this will be removed. 1 player will run in and distract the Howler while the other 3 players go straight for the exit. The player with the most lag will try and duck under the opened Gate as 1 of the other 2 players flip the single switch to barely open it. Due to lag, eventually that player will go through the gate and can open it from the other side. At that point the other players can run in and head to Level 188.

Here is a map of the Sub-Level, for reference you will exit The Maze on the left spawn

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 188 – The Courtyard of Windows

This Level is super easy.

3 players will run to the Elevator and dupe Almond Water for Level 9 preparation. While 1 player will look at the Windows to solve the code to access the Elevator. Don’t forget to drop the Chainsaws for more space.

Unless it is changed in the future to be randomized, the code for the Elevator is 415314.

Once everyone is full on Sanity and inventory space head forward into the Elevator (and press the button once everyone is in) to head back to Level 8.

Level 8 (Again)

Welcome back, just sprint to the exit to save time and sanity here. There is only 1 path forward. Follow it to head into Level 9.

Level 9 – Darkened Suburbs

Welcome to Level 9. Likely your last hurdle for the run.

When entering this Level grab supplies off the bench to your right and enter the first house to see if there is a computer inside or not. Regardless, if you didn’t have time to in Level 188 to dupe, now you should before continuing onward to the middle of the map. Preferably in the house in front of the spawn.

At the middle of the map check the terminal to see where the other computers are. Refer to the map below to be strategic for which computers to go for first.

I would go for computers that are in houses that are 100% safe to enter. If you are very, very lucky all 3 could be in a safe house and make this Level easy. This is very unlikely. More over, there is a chance there can be more than 3 computers you need. Most being 5.

For the houses with a Wretch it depends on the house layout for the difficulty of the computer.

Note – The computers will be in the same spot in a house every time. So if it’s in for example, the first house (house in front of the spawn) it will always be upstairs in the back area of the hallway. Use this info when going into houses with a Wretch so you don’t waste time or potentially get yourself killed. If you don’t know, ask teammates for the house you’re going in.

Note 2 – In the house in the upper right, you can jump and crouch to get into the backyard of the house to lure the Wretch there and then jump crouch out. This is a good way to lure it back there while 1 other player goes inside for the computer while another player lets them know if the Wretch starts going back inside.

Note 3 – Either you can learn the path of where The Neighborhood Watch walks in loop OR you can just try and learn where it is at all times. That way you can search a house easier without worrying about it being on the street as you leave. Keep talking in your voice chat (Steam, Discord, Skype, etc.) to a low volume so you can all hear its footsteps so the team can hide before it arrives and know when it is safe to come out. It is easily the biggest threat since houses have doors you can lock or you can just run away and get outside but, T.N.W. when chasing a player is very quick to where getting inside a house is your only hope and that is if it chases you from its farthest distance.

Note 4 – Practice this Level as much as you can so you can try and learn every house and every computer location. Safe houses don’t matter much but, ones with Wretches should be learned so you can do it solo for a faster time. Especially if you know if a house can be cheesed because of Bug 2 (Below) with windows and thin walls.

Be sure that when you get to a computer in a House with a Wretch, if you can, lock the door(s) into the room so you don’t get interrupted.

The entire time you are getting the computers if you hear The Neighborhood Watch nearby, hide and wait for it to go away before you try and enter or exit a house. If it starts chasing you, you’re likely going to die since it is way faster than you. Your only hope is to quickly run into a house and wait for it to leave. However, this could potentially lead to a bug, where it gets stuck. So be sure to pick a house with multiple ways in and out OR just avoid being seen by The Neighborhood Watch altogether.

There are some bugs you can use to make things easier.

Bug 1, Wretch outside a house – For this bug it is useful for homes that are hard to get to the computer or to make things much easier if needed. Most useful if a computer is in the house with the Level Door to The Hub.

2 players are needed, 1 goes inside the house and leaves the front door open, lure the Wretch back to the front door. When it’s in the doorway slowly walk forward and close the door and immediately back up. The door will push the Wretch outside and will chase a player. That player will lure the Wretch away from the house while the other player goes inside the safe house and gets the computer.

Be sure that if you’re chased to run away and turn around every few seconds to make sure it is still after you. If it isn’t warn your teammates of a Wretch outside so they do not get caught off guard or get sandwiched by it and The Neighborhood Watch.

Bug 2, Windows – Some windows in some houses are not solid and can be used as an exit after turning the computer on. Alternatively they can also be used as a different entrance inside at some houses.

Once all the computers are on, head back to the terminal and the gate is now open. Head inside the M.E.G. base and head to the basement. There will be an arrow outside the door to mark it.

A good strategy for this Level I HIGHLY recommend because of the fast sanity drain is that when a player gets low on Almond Water (2-3 left) all players head back to the start of the level and go back into Level 8 so they can refill their sanity and inventory since the sanity drain there is much slower than Level 9’s. This can also be used to set the Wretches that got out of houses back inside them to reduce the risk. You can also use this to beat Level 9 super safely.

Get the houses that are safe, do the Wretch outside the house bug, turn the computer on, then head back to level 8 to refill everyone. Rinse and repeat until all the houses are done. This can also be used to fix the Neighborhood Watch if it gets bugged out and gets stuck on something.

Heading down inside the M.E.G. base’s basement will lead you to The Abandoned Outpost.

Here is the map.

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

The Abandoned Outpost

This level is easy but, can be nerve wracking.

First, all 4 players will go forward to activate the video so it can start. During this time, dupe almond water if needed for the brief revisit to Level 9 and Level 10. You do NOT lose Sanity in this place.

Once the video is over, 2 players head back to the entrance of the Level and wait there for safety.

2 players (The Host and the most laggy player) will go forward into the research area and 1 will have the Wretch chase him and lure him in a loop over the map and warn the 2nd player where he is at all times. The 2nd player will grab 1 Almond Concentrate and head back to the room where the video played. They will dupe the Almond Concentrate to get the other 3 (4 in total) to fill up the machine.

If they cannot dupe or are having a hard time, Plan B. While the Host is still distracting the Wretch the 2nd player will look for the other 3 bottles and then head back and fill the machine up.

Once it is filled the player will go back to the entrance and wait.

The Host will then lead the Wretch back into that room and make it walk into the trap. From there just push the shower forward, interact with the lever, and when the scene is over, grab the keycard, and finally leave this place and head back to Level 9 to find the exit to Level 10.

Here is a map of this base

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 9 (Again)

Once you’re back here quickly leave the base and head for the exit BUT, before you go for it. Once you have a straight shot to it wait for The Neighborhood Watch to walk across the road. Once it is out of sight then go for the exit and head into Level 10.

Level 10 – The Bumper Crop

The last Level you need to beat.

When entering this Level, make sure The Host is full of Almond Water first. Once that is done, the 3 players will go backwards towards the gate where Level 9 is at and wait there and just dupe Almond Water to keep themselves sane. The Host will do this Level by himself in 1 of 2 ways, Legit or Fence hopping (bug).

For the road part, just bunnyhop the entire time and the Faceling Rogue’s will never reach you in time. If you mess up bunnyhopping and cannot sprint, turn around immediately and look at the Faceling R. until it runs away into the wheat field.

Once you get to the house this is where things will change for your strategy.


Play the Level the way it is intended. Grab supplies if needed for sanity and go to through the wheat field and go for the first generator. Once you turn it on proceed forward. Once you enter the passageway of the fence to enter the field again a Farmer Faceling will appear and stop moving to start its chainsaw.

Go back and loop around the Windmill so you can juke it and run ahead of it. From here, bunnyhop straight for the red light and if you run into a face hug it and go left or right until you find an opening. Rince and repeat for each Windmill Generator. As you turn each one on there will be supplies on some hay. Go the direction it is at so you’re going the right way. Going the wrong way will lead you towards the F. Faceling and can risk your safety.

If you do not know where to go at all, you shouldn’t be the 1 player at all and have someone else do this. Better safe than sorry.

Once you get to the Arcade just head inside and move with the rotating doors to go to Level 3999.

Fence Hopping – Bug

Once at the Farm on the right side you can crouch jump and get on top of a Fence. Just stay in the middle and walk the fence until you get to the Arcade.

WARNING – Falling off the Fence can potentially lead you to soft locking yourself since you cannot get back up and you will be forced to reset the entire run. So if you do this strategy, be the Host or least laggy as possible and take it nice and slow.

Doing this makes you safe since the F. Faceling does not spawn in. When you’re at a crossroads in the fence crouch walk so you can align yourself up. This way you do not fall off when turning left or right.

Once you’re at the arcade just follow the rotating doors inside as normal.

Here is a map of the Level, idk if the map maker marked every fence so be sure to be extra safe if you’re going to do the Fence Hopping strategy.

Nightmare guide in order (3.10 Version)

Level 3999 – The True Ending

You’re at the end now. Just have all 4 players walk into the dark area of the arcade to start a cutscene that teases the next update and you’re now DONE with Nightmare mode !

This section will be updated when Part 4 releases since this will be a full Level. If you want Nightmare role on Fancy’s discord server and or the achievement do it now since it will take longer and maybe even harder in the next update so try it now while you can.

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