Fallout 76 – Explore the Whitespring Command Center

Quest Rewards Purified Water x7 Caps 84 Urban Scout Armor Right Arm Explore the Whitespring Command […]

Quest Rewards

  • Purified Water x7
  • Caps 84
  • Urban Scout Armor Right Arm

Explore the Whitespring Command Center Walkthrough

Return to the Whitespring Bunker and once inside go towards the Enclave military wing. Since you have earned the rank of General, you can now access the Whitespring Command Center.

Head up the stairs and explore your new command center! You will notice attached to the command center through the doorway on the right is the Enclave Armory. Here you can purchase enclave weapons like the Enclave Officer Plasma Pistol or the X-01 Prototype power armor.

After exploring the command center while listening to a monologue by MODUS, he will instruct you to turn your attention to the 4 Posters against the north wall of the main room. Each poster represents a different step you will need to take in order to launch a nuke in Appalachia. While learning the process is an optional objective of the mission, if this is your first go trying to launch nukes, it is recommended you take the time to listen what MODUS has to say, otherwise you can talk to one of the terminals located in the command center to skip this step.

Obtain a Nuclear Keycard

To launch a nuke, you must first obtain a nuclear keycard. Since you earned the rank of General, you have access to a number of tools to help locate on through the Enclave. Accessing the Surveillance System Terminal In the east corner of the room will give you a number of options to locate the necessary parts to launch a nuke but the first one you will want to locate it the Nuclear Keycard Escort. Once you initiate this search from the terminal, you will get a marker on your map with the location of the escort.

Try to track the escorts movements so you take the best path to intercept it, as the marker will constantly move, following the moving escort. Take down the escort and you will be rewarded with a nuclear keycard.

Gain All Nuclear Codes (any Silo)

Once you obtain a keycard, you will then need to find all 8 Pieces of an encrypted launch code. Each code fragment will have a letter and a number attached to it. If you decided to do the optional portion of searching the archives for more information about code encryption, you will learn these codes and letters do not intend to spell anything, but the letters are coded.

The Surveillance System terminal can help you locate pieces of the codes by narrowing down the last known location of the officer that carries them. You may have also stumbled across pieces during your travels across Appalachia as well, but surveillance system access will speed up this process exponentially.

Fight to Launch the Nukes

You may be a general, have a nuclear keycard, and all the essential code pieces but even so, launching a nuke will be no easy task. The automated defenses of the silo are still very active and very tough. Unless you have a misileer to guide you (all of which are long gone in post apocalyptic Appalachia) the automated defenses will attack on sight.

Being mostly level 50 Assualtrons and sentry bots, you should come prepared for a fight. Bringing a group is obviously the ideal solution.

Explore the Nuclear Fallout

Once you access the launch system and break the encryption on the launch codes, you will be able to select the location of the nuclear explosion. When the nuke hits the target and explodes, if you have the right gear you may now explore the fallout and fight high level mutated enemies. This will reward you with plenty of high level loot.

Launching a Nuke

Now that you been shown the steps necessary to launch a nuke, the only thing left to do is to complete each of the steps listed. The Surveillance System Terminal located in the Command center can provide you the locations of each item necessary to launch the nuke, but it is up to you to decipher the encrypted code and fight your way through the defenses.

Note: The Nuclear Silo code pieces will expire after One Week. If you fail to collect all 8 code pieces before a week, you will have to re-collect any codes that have expired.

When you collect all the necessary pieces and launch the nuke, you will complete the quest I am Become Death and finish the Enclave story line.

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