Super Mario Odyssey Underground Power Plant Walkthrough

Underground Power Plant Walkthrough

Once you’ve secured all the musicians, dig their awesome Mario tribute music, and speak to Pauline to find out that the underground power station needs to be repaired.

Outside, speak to a nearby man to learn that the manhole covers are the key to getting in – and take a right past him all the way to the end of the street to the Outdoor Cafe to find a manhole cover you can throw Cappy at to get inside.

Underground Power Plant

Inside the Power Plant you’ll pass by a big problem – Poison Piranha Plants are gumming up the plant, and you’ll need to step in and save the day. On the other side of the Warp Pipe, you’ll be in a large room with Piranha Plants and powered down platforms you can hit with Cappy to spin them in place, letting you cross the platforms.

Keep moving to the platform with a Piranha Plant and several Urban Stingbys, and look for a small lower platform with some Metro Kingdom Purple Coins, and more you can throw Cappy at on top of the moveable platform. Then hit both platforms to start them spinning so you can reach the far wall.

Take out more Stingbys here and get some health back if you need it from the blocks, then move left to where a large vertical platform can be triggered by hitting the extending device. As it spins, hop on to ride it – and note you can climb up and jump back the way you came for an upper platform leading to a Power Moon.

Entering the Warp Pipe at the end, you’ll meet up with Pauline again. Divide and conquer the Giant Piranha Plants by wiping away the poison with Cappy, then take them on from the side to plug them up and jump on their heads when they collapse. When both go down, you’ll be rewarded with the Power Moon.

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